A Small Flicker

This isn’t a big story, it was just something that happened to me on a delivery to yet another hotel.

I’ve been to this place more than a few times and I’ve never experienced anything there until last night. Even still, what I experienced wasn’t even that big or crazy and could have been anything, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

They only have three floors of rooms and the floors are basically big rectangles. The two end halls are fairly short with just a few rooms on them, but the two side halls are pretty long with about 30 rooms on them. My delivery was to the second floor, room 215, almost exactly in the middle of a long hallway.

I made the delivery and began walking back to the elevator, which is in the front hall at the front of the building. When I got halfway back down the hall, the lights lining the hallway flickered off and on, like a blink. Just once, and only about four or five of them that I could see. I don’t know how many behind me did it, but it was also just the lights on the left side of the hallway. Of the lights I could see, not all blinked. Just those four or five.

Suddenly I felt a strong electric in the air and I immediately thought I was about to be struck by lightning. Then I realized what the feeling was, as the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I felt like someone was standing right behind me, or following me down the hall. I turned around to look and nobody was there. But, when I looked behind me, the static in the air rose just a bit. To me it was like I caught something trying to sneak up on me.

I turned back around and continued on my way to the elevator. The feeling of being followed didn’t really continue, but I could still feel the electric in the air. Once I was off of the floor it subsided, but I was still a bit creeped out. I asked the front desk girl if she had ever experienced anything strange there, and she said she didn’t know what I was talking about, so I left it at that. That was the first and only time I had ever seen her there. Usually it’s two guys at the front desk.

I do plan on talking to those two guys to see if they’ve ever experienced anything. I’m sure I’ll see them soon enough.

Burrito Ghosts

Last night at work I got a call from an employee of a burrito restaurant just a few shops down the strip from my pizza place. She asked if any of us had jumper cables cause she needed a jump. I told her I did and I would be right out. While I was hooking up the cables, she was on the phone with her head boss. There were two other employees there.

I overheard the lady tell her boss that the alarm had gone off, so I was concerned. The pizza place I work for and that burrito place have a pretty good relationship, and we’re always hooking each other up with free food, or trading food. Also, after 8 PM the rest of the plaza is shut down and we’re the last two places open. So we kind of watch out for one another. In between our shops is a vitamin/supplement shop and a few months ago they were robbed. So when she said the alarm went off, I had to ask what was going on. One of the two guys there told me the night before at 1:14 AM the manager’s code on the alarm system had been changed.

The security cameras were checked and nobody had been in the store at the time. Apparently the code was changed from inside the store.

I gave the guy a look and he said that they experience that stuff all the time, including seeing shadow people and getting touched. So I said, “Oh, you’re place is haunted too?” Then I had to tell them about my experiences in the pizza place and they said they hear people talking all the time.
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Intelligent & Residual Hauntings. What are they?


For those of you who are still unclear on the difference between an intelligent haunting and a residual haunting, this is a great read. It also saves me from writing this kind of post up, which I was just about to do. Thanks Sheila!

Originally posted on Sheila Renee Parker:

Ok, everyone’s heard of Casper the Friendly Ghost, right? You know, the cute transparent guy who floats around through walls? If all the hauntings were as adorable as him, then that would be pretty amazing and all the little kiddies wouldn’t be so afraid of the things that go bump in the night.

Well, let’s take a step back and face reality here. Some hauntings can be pretty frightening and down right mind-numbing. Did you know that there are actually two known types of hauntings? Yes, intelligent and residual…

An intelligent haunting is when the spirits can interact with the living, a type of energy that DOES have consciousness. These spirits may find ways of communication much like the ways discussed in my previous blog titled, The Afterlife ~ A Corporeal’s Transition, or the spirits can often communicate through the use of a voice box; a tool that is used…

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The Hotel Pt. 1

I’m assuming I’m going to have more stories about this place, and I hope I do. Because of my current job, I deliver pizza to a lot of hotels, just like The Inn, and some of them I see a lot, again, just like The Inn. One in particular, which I’ve been asked to not name, I go to all the time. So much so, in fact, that I know the staff fairly well, and one of them in particular I would even consider a friend. She’s the one who filled me in on the good stuff, but here’s how I found this particular place to be haunted. I’ll call her Mary, because she doesn’t want to be named either and Mary is the first thing that popped in my head.

One night on a delivery I stopped by the front desk and saw a younger man working. I don’t know his name, as he’s fairly new and I never bothered reading his name tag. He was speaking with a new security officer, a younger girl, and she mentioned how the place was haunted. Of course this intrigued me, so I joined the conversation.

She told me how every time she goes up the back elevator to the second floor, she always feels creeped out, and how she always feels a gust of wind hit her just as she steps off of the elevator. She said she’s searched and found no vents or windows or anything that could be causing it. For some reason I feel like I’ve told this story here before, but now I can’t find it. Anyway…

I then told her and the boy at the desk how another driver who works with me constantly feels creeped out if he has to go to the second floor, and one hall on it in particular he absolutely hates walking down and sometimes runs down it just to get out of it. He, by the way, hates ghosts.

The boy then told me he was once touched on the shoulder by something, but when he turned around nothing was there. He then told me to talk to Mary as she has worked there for a while and has a ton of stories.

Ironically, as much as I go there and see her, after he told me to talk to her about it I didn’t go back for a few weeks, and when I did go I didn’t see her. Finally, tonight, I saw her and talked to her for a moment about it.

She told me the second floor is very active, so I guess my driver buddy was right in feeling creeped out there! In his defense, he had told me once that he seems to know a place is haunted just by being there, whether he experiences anything or not. He could be a useful asset to a ghost hunter, but he would never…
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A New Believer

Recently I had a chance to chat with one of my wife’s cousins about his ghostly stories. He told me he used to be a skeptic until just a couple of years ago when he lived in a pretty haunted apartment. Here are some of the stories I can remember him sharing with me, including some pictures he sent me of something that happened recently in his new place.

He had been living alone in Norwood, OH, a city just on the northern border of Cincinnati, in an apartment that was, if I remember correctly, the second floor of a house turned apartment building. From what I gather, the first floor remained unoccupied. He told me the neighbors often said to him how they constantly saw people walking around on the first floor, but nobody was ever there.

When he would go to bed he would hear people talking in his apartment, as well as cards shuffling. He said it sounded like if you shuffled them and then did “the bridge,” and he would check out his place and of course, find nobody there.

He said things would often go missing and then reappear days later in various places. Once he was watching TV, set the remote down on the arm of the couch which he “always did” and went to the kitchen for something. When he came back, it was gone. He searched all over for it, tore the couch up, and came up empty. Three days later, it was sitting on his computer desk.

When he met the woman who became his wife and she moved in, more things started happening. He suggested how sometimes cats or even dogs might kill a small rodent and leave it at the door as a gift to you, that would happen with various things they owned, at the foot of their bed. He would get out of bed and notice a neat pile of stuff, sometimes his wife’s brush and hairspray, to other things, sitting on the floor, like a gift.

Then they had their daughter. Their kitchen table and chairs were metal, probably cast iron. He said they had the thin legs, but every piece was really heavy. When their daughter started walking she also started trying to climb those chairs. Since they didn’t want her to hurt herself, they would push the table into the corner in the kitchen and put the chairs on it so she couldn’t reach them.

One night they were laying in bed and he heard his daughter screaming from her room. He said he had never heard her scream like that and it terrified him. He jumped up and ran into her room. He said her room felt extremely odd and bad, and he saw his daughter backed up into the far corner of her crib, screaming. He went to her, picked her up, and took her into his bedroom. He told his wife the daughter was staying with them that night but didn’t say why, only she just was. He didn’t want to scare his wife.
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The Inn Pt. 8 & The TAPS App

I mentioned once how Jason Hawes and TAPS got together with Fuzzywhite Technology to put out an app for smartphones and iphones that will help you ghost hunt while keeping the cost of equipment down.

I purchased the app just the other day and have used it twice. Once was last night at The Inn, as something happened to me there again.

Typically when I’m hanging out there over night I sit in the same spot in the lobby, because there’s an outlet nearby where I can plug my phone in to charge. I need that, because while I’m there, my phone is my entertainment, whether I’m reading something on my Kindle app, or I’m watching Netflix. Or whatever else.

When I first got there, I noticed right next to the chair I always sit in was a speaker and a stereo system. They use this to play music for kids at certain times of the day to get them to dance and burn some energy. All of the equipment was plugged into a power strip, which was plugged into the outlet where I plug my phone in. The power strip was off. I noticed this, only because when I looked at the power strip I saw no lights. That was what I remembered, not so much the fact that it wasn’t on.

A few hours go by and I started to hear a tiny beep, and it was coming from the speaker. I looked down and saw the power strip lit up. It had been turned on. Not by me, and there was nobody else around that it could have been without me noticing. I told my wife about it and she said to turn it back off, so I did. The beeping stopped. It never came back on.

I decided that would be a good time to use the app, so I put my phone in airplane mode and turned the app on. This was the second time I got to use it. The first time I was just messing around and checking it out.

Here’s my official review of the app. As far as what happened next to me, I got no evidence.

The app comes with a help guide that shows you how to operate everything on the app. Except in order to access that help menu, you have to start a new case (or open an old one) to get inside the app. When it firsts opens, all you get are two links, one to start a new case and one to open an old case.

If you start a new case, you get a form to fill out, which you can skip I guess, or at the very least just name the case, such as the location or whatever. Then you move on from there. That’s when you get to see the three types of equipment the app gives you, and that’s when you get the help link that opens all of the information on the app itself, including a tutorial on how to use it. Seems to me like that might be something that you should be able to open from the main screen.

There’s a learning curve, and you should definitely go through the tutorials to figure out what everything does, or you’ll probably be lost. I was. I also noticed that the app lags quite a bit. That could just be because of my phone, which isn’t the best (it’s supposed to be, but somewhere along the line it turned to crap), but the app is pushing three different recording gadgets at one time, so a lag is to be expected. But, that makes it hard to analyze stuff while in the field, or to get things working. I clicked a button to start recording something, and the button, which all of them are small, didn’t turn on right away, so I wasn’t sure if I clicked it. So I clicked it again. But it was just a lag, so a second later it clicked on, then off, because I had hit it twice. So I fought with that for a few minutes, instead of investigating. Then there’s stuff that looks like buttons but don’t do anything (I don’t think) and are just there for looks, I think…

Then the EVP recorder turned itself on, apparently, while I was trying to figure out the other two things, and neither of them were recording that I could tell. I tried stopping the EVP recorder, and it stopped, then started recording a second file. I felt like I had no control.

Basically, I’m sure if mastered and on a faster phone, it would be a great app, and the three tools it gives you are great things to have. But for my needs, I really only care to have an EMF meter. I have a voice recorder already, and I don’t really care to have a geophone. The good news is, they put out an EMF meter app, and it’s only 99 cents, and I plan to get it.

Aside from that, my other complaints were, the pictures used in the tutorials don’t match what I see on the app, nor do the pictures Jason posted on his website match what’s on the current app. So when looking through the tutorials to figure out how to use the app, I was still a bit confused because I wasn’t looking at what I was trying to learn about.

Lastly, the app crashed a few times on me, and that’s not good. Again, that could be my phone, but I think the app is trying to do quite a bit at one time, and that’s going to push any device hard. On my phone I can’t transfer the app to my SD card, so it’s using space on my phone that I really don’t have, and I’m pretty sure the evidence it’s recording is also being collected on my phone and not my SD card, again, using space I don’t really have.

Overall, this app isn’t for me. I think it’s a great idea, and I trust who put it out, but it’s actually more than what I need. Like I said, I only need the EMF meter, which I will be getting, because the price for all of this stuff can’t be beat.

If I could design a similar product I’d make a few changes, but ultimately they’ve done a great job, and if you’re on the fence about whether or not to try it, it’s only $4.99, so you have nothing to lose by getting it.

It would be nice to be able to use the camera on my phone, or even the camcorder, during an investigation, which I can’t do while using this app. Then again, both my phone’s camera and camcorder aren’t as great as actual cameras or camcorders, so I’d rather stick with the real ones anyway.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the EVP recorder records extremely low, and I haven’t figured out if there’s a way to change that or not. But I held the phone in my hand just a foot or two away from my face and did an EVP session. When I played it back, I could just barely hear myself speaking. I’m definitely not going to hear any ghostly voices whispering on it.

That’s my review. If you’re wanting to try it out, do so, and I hope it works out great for you. It just wasn’t for me.

Haunted Houses For Sale!

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