The Inn Pt. 5

A few nights ago my wife told me she received a call around 2 in the morning from a guest complaining about noise. Apparently in the room next to theirs the TV’s had come on and the volume was very loud and it was hard for her family to sleep.

Security was sent to that room to tell them to keep it down. Regulations made the security guy knock several times, and nobody answered, so he announced loudly, because he could hear the TV on in the hall, that he was entering the room.

When he entered he noticed the room was a complete mess. The dressings on the beds were thrown all over the room and he said it looked to him as if housekeeping had started to clean the room and left halfway through it. Both TVs in the room were on and up as loud as they could go.

He went back to the front desk and told my wife that they had to contact the occupants of that room to tell them security had gone in and turned the TVs off. When my wife looked up the room on her computer to see who was staying in that room she discovered it had not been rented for the night.

It is possible that housekeeping began cleaning the room and never went back to finish. Perhaps they left for lunch and forgot to go back to that room when lunch was over. Perhaps they began to clean that room and decided to go home for the day without finishing. Perhaps they quit their job or got fired halfway through and it was never finished. Even still, perhaps those TVs had been programmed to come on at a certain time by the last guests.


The Headless Patient

Within the last year or two (I can’t remember now how long it’s been) my wife’s cousin and aunt have both needed to stay at one of the local hospitals for a number of days. Both of them have many, many stories of the paranormal, and eventually I hope to get as many as possible to share here. For now, this is all I can really remember enough to write about.

The two live together along with my wife’s cousin’s son who is now seven. His name is Ayden.

Where they live now, he frequently sees a man in the kitchen and refuses to go in there when the man is there. He’s so scared of the man in the kitchen that when he goes to other peoples homes he won’t go into their kitchens alone.

His mom went to the hospital for a few days and after she had been home a couple days she caught Ayden taking down a picture, in a frame, from the wall and hiding it behind a chair. When asked why he was doing that he said the man she brought home from the hospital keeps spinning it and it’s upsetting him. To this day they still won’t hang the picture up again. The picture is of Ayden.

Also, right around the time she came home from the hospital her mom went for a few days. While there, she says, one day she had just eaten lunch and was laying in her hospital bed. When she goes to the hospital, if it’s going to be for an extended amount of time, she always requests a private room, and she always leaves her door shut.

So she’s laying in her bed and she closes her eyes. She claims she wasn’t asleep and she wasn’t on any medication that might cause hallucinations. She never heard the door to her room open. She opened her eyes and saw a man standing at the foot of her bed. And he was headless.

She told me she wasn’t sure if she only opened her eyes enough to see his body and she quickly shut her eyes again, or if he actually had no head, but she decided she wasn’t going to deal with it, so she turned over on her side with her eyes still closed. Once on her side she felt as if he were still there, so she opened her eyes and his face was just a couple of inches away from hers.

She jumped up out of bed and left her room. She said she walked around the hospital hallways for a little while to calm down. The next morning when the doctor came she told him she was leaving and she was never going back to that hospital. And she left. And she hasn’t been back.

I asked her if she knew him and she said she didn’t recognize him, but feels as if he had died in that room. She didn’t catch what wardrobe he had on, or if his head was attached when he was looking at her face to face.

Grandma’s House Pt. 3

Aside from things going missing around here, nothing has really happened in a while. My mom asked me the other day about certain noises, but it’s nothing really freaky. Just noises. It’s an old house, after all.

Well, tonight when I got home from work my wife told me how she was sleeping and then at 11 PM on the dot she was awakened by a knocking. She said the dogs didn’t bark, but she was sleeping very well and dreaming when all of a sudden she had this thought that she had to wake up immediately. And then there was a knocking, and she said it came from the door that goes to the concrete steps and down to the basement.

Did she dream the knocks? I asked if she heard them after she woke up and she said no. Whether or not she only dreamt them, it wouldn’t surprise me if there actually were knocks. Then again, with how my dogs don’t need a reason to bark and will just because they’re awake, and the fact that they didn’t, I doubt there was a knocking. BUT, if they knew it was something paranormal, which of course animals can sense that, then maybe they didn’t want to get in the middle of all that. Who knows?

Missing Things?

Shortly after my wife and I moved back into my Grandmother’s house in 2008 I started noticing things going missing. Mostly my DVDs. I had a nice collection of them back then and every now and then I’d get the desire to watch one that I hadn’t seen in a while. I’d go look for it and wouldn’t be able to find it. I kept them all on one rack, so there was no reason for it to be missing. I hadn’t lent it out to anybody and we never have company, so nobody was here that would have taken it without asking. I was at a loss, especially since more and more kept disappearing. I know of at least half a dozen or more that have gone missing like that, maybe more that I never thought of to check on.

Recently my mom moved in with us and is now in the front of the house, which is where we were when the DVDs started disappearing. My mom just passed a note along to us asking if we had ever had anything go missing, because she’s having stuff go missing now “right out from under her nose.” Here’s part of her email to me.

I’ve had 3 pair of black socks go AWOL! I have looked everywhere! I even used a flash light & mirror to check out the laundry chute! But last night I had one of those 3M plastic hangers lying on the kit. counter, both pieces, front & back, I was making a salad, I bumped it with the salad bag to the point of making it move & make noise like plastic does, & now the back piece is missing!! Just gone! I’ve looked in the trash, I’ve moved everything on the counter, I swept the floor, I’ve looked in the drawers! That is too freaking weird!

She went on to mention how when we lived in the trailer back when I was really young she lost a card holder. My parents used to have people over all the time for a night of card playing and apparently someone dropped a round card holder they all used and it rolled behind the fridge and they never found it. Apparently this kind of thing just haunts my family in general.

My wife suggested maybe we have a hidden room in the house and someone is living there. A few stories like that have popped up lately online, so that’s what gave her the idea. While I don’t think we have that happening here, as I know the house front to back and doubt in the 30s my Grandfather would have built a hidden room here that only a stranger would know of, it sure is strange how things keep turning up missing. I’ve never found my DVDs, so where they went off to I’ll probably never know.

Oh, and a day later my mom sent me a note saying she found that plastic piece. In the fridge.

Reader Submission

I sent a shout out to my friends on Facebook to see if anybody had any stories they’d like to share with me. Here’s one I just got from TS who lives very close to me. She posted on Facebook how something strange had just happened to her in her house and I asked her to give me the details.

It’s mostly noises. Most of the time my dogs don’t react. My tv and satellite box turned on once. I’ve heard/felt a bang on the floor under my living room. I checked to see if there were pipes or venting in that area and it’s clear. Had a strange oil/liquid dripping from a beam in my basement but couldn’t find a source. Knocking on an outside wall of my bedroom that sounds like it’s on wood but my house is brick. Growling in other parts of my house while my dogs were laying next to me. Friday I heard a tennis ball bounce on the floor a few feet from me, but no ball and my dogs were sleeping. Saturday night after letting my dogs in, they were eating about 12 feet away from me and i was on my phone and seen something white thrown on my area rug two feet from me. When i looked for it, it was a small ice ball. Wednesday I was sitting on my couch reading and heard and felt the back cushion get tapped. Then tonight with the sound of my utensils in the drain board being moved. That’s just what’s happened here. I’ve had other things happen in a few other houses.

Thanks TS! “Sounds” creepy! Ok, I’ll stop. Noises are the easiest thing for skeptics to pass off as having a legit source and being not ghostly. But as I know first hand, sometimes unexplained noises have no legit source and the only thing you can really consider IS paranormal. After all, that’s what paranormal means… I’d like to say that if your dogs aren’t really reacting then maybe something isn’t there, because animals are so keen to the paranormal. However, that doesn’t mean maybe, just maybe your creepy crawlies haven’t found a way to steer clear of your dogs radar. One thing I’ve heard over and over (and experienced once) is that in some cases, spirits will communicate or make some sort of other contact with one person in a room when there are others who don’t hear or experience the same thing. Where one person will hear their name called from the other room audibly in an otherwise quiet house, yet nobody else would hear it. Or maybe they’ll be seen through an open door passing by in the hallway by one person in a room full of people. So if they can do that with humans, I would like to think that maybe they can go unnoticed by certain pets as well.

Thanks again TS and maybe one day I’ll stop by and have a visit to see just what’s going on!

A Tale From Mom

Since I’ve been talking ghosts lately I have renewed my love for telling ghost stories. Especially if they have some merit to them and are, as far as I know, true. I asked my mom if she had experienced anything ghostly that I might not know about. She told me about this.

When she was dating her first boyfriend back when she was 16, she would spend a lot of time at his house with him. She said his house was a ranch style with a basement and the basement was used for storage, although there was a bedroom in it. She said one thing that happened a lot was when her and her boyfriend would be in the living room together watching TV or hanging out, they would hear footsteps coming up the basement steps. Then they would hear the click of the light being turned on, then footsteps back down the stairs. They would go to check and the light would be on. But nobody would be in the basement.

When his sister moved back home with her kids, my mom would often babysit for her. Sometimes she would be in the house alone with the babies. When it would get to be dark out, she would take them into her boyfriends mothers bedroom and shut and lock the door because she was scared of the house. She said the handle to the door would shake as if someone were trying to get in. She would call out to her boyfriend (who wasn’t there) and would get no response.

One time the boyfriends mother was in the basement going through a chest and she found some pictures. She noticed on one that someone was missing. She knew the picture well, yet a person who was typically in the picture was suddenly not anymore. Kind of like Back To The Future, eh?

Lastly, what my mom says was the creepiest thing to happen in the house. A bad storm was coming. She said in the kitchen there was a door way and there were two steps down out of the kitchen to a landing. Straight ahead was a door and screen door that went outside and to the right was a set of steps going to the basement. She said she was in the kitchen when suddenly the wind (presumably) blew open both of the doors and she saw something, she has no idea what, dart from the door and down the steps into the basement. Thinking it might have been a cat or a dog, they all went to the basement to look. She said they tore the basement up looking for an animal or something that shouldn’t be down there, but never found a thing.

The House That Raised Me Pt. 8

I guess I can finally lay these stories to rest here. Should there be any other stories I happen to remember, I’ll definitely post them, but I think I’ve written about everything that has happened. Except for this. Here is what happened after we moved out.

At the end, things were terrible. My dad couldn’t afford to pay the bills and because the family had all split up and he was basically losing everything he loved, he stopped paying on the house and the bills and let the electric get shut off before the bank repossessed the house and everybody had to move.

At that point I’m not sure where everybody went. I was already living with my mom in Cheviot and my step sisters had all already moved out. Really in the end, my dad and step mom were the last two in the house. I was 14 when everybody was out.

There were six of us and we lived in that house for six years. If you believe what the Ouija board told my step sister, there were six ghosts or spirits in the house with us, and they hated all of us and each other. That’s what my step sister told me one day. Put those factors all together and you get 666. I thought that was a creepy little coincidence.

Anyway, 1994 was when we were all out. The house was fixed up by the bank and put back on the market dirt cheap. Every now and then I’d think about the house, but I never took a trip to see it. Mostly because I wasn’t driving just yet and I didn’t want to ask anybody else to take me over there.

Finally one day in 1996 I happened to be nearby with my dad and I asked him if he’d take me by to see it. We pulled into the driveway and he shut off his van. Only I got out to have a walk around. It was strange looking in through the windows at the inside. Everything was nice. The walls were painted up real good, the holes had been repaired, the carpet was all new. It was good to see.

Then I got to the back of the house and tried to look in through my step sisters old window, the one that had been covered in flies. I couldn’t see into it. It was like I was looking in a mirror. I’m not sure why that was.

When I was done I got back in my dads van and he tried to start it, and it wouldn’t start. A couple of times he tried. It cranked, but it wouldn’t turn over. I just smiled. He said to me, “If I have to get out of this van in THIS DRIVEWAY and try to fix this van in THIS DRIVEWAY, I’m disowning you as a son.” I responded, “What do you expect? This is the house from hell and it knows we’re here.” I honestly wasn’t surprised. Just then the van started and my dad wasted no time in leaving.

Six months later while talking to him he said he wanted to let me know that the entire time he had owned that van the only time it ever didn’t start like that was that day in that driveway. Never before, or since.

Lastly, I got to make another stop there one night more recently. It was back in 2007, give or take a year. I was delivering pizzas in that neighborhood and one night I was just lucky enough to get a delivery to that house.

I pulled in the driveway just to see how my car would react. A man answered the door and I gave him his food. After he paid me I had to ask him if he had ever experienced anything strange in the house. Instead of asking me what I meant by “strange” he just said that he was a man of God and that he didn’t believe in those things. In other words, he knew what I was talking about because things were happening there and he was ignoring them. I said “whatever helps you sleep at night buddy.” And that was it, the last time I’ve seen the house. I have no desire to go back either.