Waverly Hills Hotel

One of the most haunted places on earth is about to become a hotel!

I’ve spent a night in the Sanatorium, and it’s crazy. You might remember my post about that night. I’m sad for those of you who have never been able to visit it, because it truly is an awesome experience.

It turns out the people who own it and allow ghost hunt tours to go through it, have saved up enough money to turn the place into a hotel!

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I mean, obviously I’m excited because it will probably be a very popular destination for ghost hunters, considering you’ll be able to not only stay the night there, but actually get sleep. It’s almost guaranteed to be the most haunted hotel in America.

But here is why I’m upset by it. For one, I like it the way it is. If I go back there, which I want to, I want to see it the way I last saw it. I don’t want it to change. Also, if it’s true that remodeling your house gets ghosts to stop haunting you, then turning the building into a hotel is sure to end all of the activity. And there’s no going back from that.

I understand why the owners are doing this, and again, on the one hand I’m excited for it and can’t wait to stay there when it’s done. But on the other hand, why change what is already completely awesome?

What says you? Keep it the same, or change it to a hotel?

The Ghost Truck

Yesterday on my regular blog, I followed a Daily Post prompt and wrote about getting lost while driving. In that piece I brought up one of the cool things that happened to me when I used to go driving around all night with my buddy, and here’s that story in full form.

We were out late one night, as per usual, just driving around. Most of the time we had no goal other than to have a good time. Just driving around, all over the place, always gave us that good time. But sometimes we would have a mission, and on this particular night we had one.

My buddy was in the market for a new chainsaw. At the time he was working as a tree guy, cutting down peoples trees for good money. I can’t remember what I was doing at the time, probably nothing good or worth talking about.

Since he wanted a chainsaw, he did his research, as he does with everything, and he decided he wanted a Stihl. He also located all of the official stores that sold those particular saws and he wanted to go to those closest to where we lived to see what their business hours were.
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Local Urban Legends: Oxford Ghost Light

In Oxford, OH, right down the road from Miami University, is an age old legend about a ghost motorcyclist who rides up and down the road. For a few of the stories about its history, Creepy Cincinnati has them all laid out. You can also check out this Google search, that comes up with Youtube videos of people doing this, as well as others tales of when they went.

The story I was told was, a man had gone off to fight in a war and when he came home he rode his motorcycle over to his girlfriends house to surprise her, only to find her with another man. Upset, he rode his motorcycle away from her house, speeding down the road at night in the rain, and he ran off the road, killing himself.

Now, if you park in a particular spot at the top of one of the hills on the road, and you face a certain way, and you turn your car off and flash your headlights three times, he’s supposed to come riding towards you. You’re supposed to see only the headlight from his motorcycle riding over one hill, then the next, then the next, then disappearing as it gets to you. The light from his headlight is supposed to be very bright but not reflect or shine off of anything.

Great story! That’s the stuff urban legends are made of! Now, here’s what happened the first time when I actually saw it.

I was 18. I was dating a girl, and her older brother had gotten me a job where he worked. One day we were standing around talking and he told me about the ghost light. I had never heard of it before, and since Oxford was just under an hour away from me I thought it would be awesome to check it out. I pestered him and pestered him all day until finally he gave in. He said to me something like, “I haven’t been out in a while, I’ll have to call my buddy to get directions.” Yet earlier he told me he used to go out with his buddies all the time and he had been out there hundreds of times. Since he took me my first time 16 years ago, I’ve been MAYBE 5 times, the last being about 14 years ago. I can still find it, as it’s not hard to find. Yet at the time, I didn’t catch what he had said and thought nothing of it.

A few days went by and every now and then I’d bring it up. Finally he said he had got in touch with his buddy and “everything was set up.” I didn’t catch that either.

We planned a night where he and his girlfriend drove me and my girlfriend, his sister, out there to see this light. We drove to the spot and past it once, he never said why and only now do I know why. We circled around and went back to that spot and stopped. He shut the engine off. It was in the summer and just about dusk.
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Paranoia…or haunting? You be the judge!!


Creepy old buildings at night! I love them! I want to buy one just so I can hang out in it at night. So maybe this light is just being a light, or maybe there’s something more. Hopefully, for the sake of those of us who enjoy the paranormal, more will happen!

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Lately my genre of reading has been leaning towards the supernatural. This is not actually new for me, as I love horror–books, movies, and stories. I especially like psychological horror–anything that deals with the mind or psyche is a winner in my book. Especially if it is based on reality or is made well enough that you believe something like that could really happen.  I always have. I have always been fascinated with the macabre. Once upon a time in my 20′s, I got completely addicted to serial killers. I read about them, I researched them, I watched any and every movie about them that I could get my hands on….. for about 18 months, I was absorbed and fascinated–wanting to get into their minds to understand why they think how they think and do what they do. The fact that a lot of serial murderers have been abused and/or…

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Alcatraz Ghost

Recently, a British couple made news by apparently taking a picture of a ghost woman in Alcatraz while on a tour. The woman who snapped the pic with her iPhone, Sheila Sillery-Walsh, said she was so excited by the picture that she forgot all about the tour and kept looking at the picture.

Her partner claimed to be a skeptic of ghosts until the picture was taken, and now he’s a believer. I’ve been around skeptics, they don’t change their mind that quickly. Especially when anybody could have popped their head up there. If there’s any possibility of a reason for the woman in the window, no matter how far fetched, a skeptic will believe it over that being a ghost.

The creepy woman isn't normally there. Source

The creepy woman isn’t normally there. Source

Naturally one would begin to wonder if the story holds any merit, considering it was reported in the Daily Mail first and then the Huffington Post. However, Alcatraz is reportedly one of the most haunted places in America, even though the FAQ’s of the Alcatraz Cruises website says otherwise.

“Spiritualists and people who want to believe in ghosts often claim to pick up haunted auras and ghostly feelings when visiting Alcatraz. However, there are no authenticated cases of ghost sightings by any of Alcatraz’s residents over the years, whether they were soldiers, prisoners, correctional officers, family members or park rangers.”

No authenticated cases? In that case, no ghosts exist anywhere. That’s why there are still skeptics. Whatever.

Believe what you will, but the picture IS creepy and it could yet be another addition to the eerie history of one of America’s most haunted places. Or it could be a hoax. What say you?

What’s Haunted?

I know there aren’t many who follow this blog, and that’s fine, but I’m opening this particular post up for discussion. I recently saw something on TV, I believe it was about the Amityville Horror house, where some “expert” said places weren’t haunted, people were.

Do you believe that? If not, what do you believe?

Personally, I think that’s a load of crap. I’m not even going to get into what he could have meant outside of his literal meaning. As far as ghosts are concerned, do you think places can be haunted, or people? Both? Neither? I guess if you’re a skeptic you’re probably not reading this blog.

I think places are haunted, obviously. I also think people can be haunted and that ghosts or spirits or even darker entities can follow them around from place to place. But to say a location isn’t haunted is ridiculous. So if places aren’t haunted and only people are, then of the 20+ places I’ve lived in my life, why did I only experience things in a select few of those places? And when I experienced things in those few places, why were they all different things I experienced? My ghosts were just changing things up to keep me on my toes? Hardly.

If places aren’t haunted, then why are there famous, “most haunted places in the world” or “most haunted places in America?” And why do those places continue to have the same events happen in them as witnessed by many different people over long periods of time? So all of those people who witnessed the same things happening in one location were all haunted by the same ghosts?

I don’t buy it. Absolutely a place can be haunted. This earth is full of energy of all different kinds. It runs through everything, living or non. That energy can be used by anything, living or non.

So, what do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

All That Noise

My wife’s aunt and cousin live in an apartment building. Their apartment is where the youngest boy, Ayden, sees a man in the kitchen and one spinning his picture around on the wall.

In the apartment directly above theirs is where my wife’s mom lives, and she lives alone. Tonight she told us that any given time she’s in bed she can feel someone or something rub her cheek or play with her very long hair. She also said she sees white mists floating through her place.

One day the aunt and cousin where at home and heard her banging around above them. They were scared, thinking maybe she had fallen or something, so they called her to ask what all the banging was about. She said she wasn’t even home and nobody was up there. They claim they hear it all the time, where it sounds like people are stomping on the floor, or there’s a party going on, or there are people having conversations up there. All while she isn’t home.

While we were speaking about it and the paranormal in general, my wife’s aunt couldn’t believe how there could be skeptics, especially when children see the things they do. Sure they can have vivid imaginations, but there are times when you know they’re not lying.

For instance, another of my wife’s cousins has a young son, and one day last year they were out driving. He asked his mom if she could give him some gloves to give the man across the street on the corner, because he was cold. She looked at the corner and saw nobody there, and she told him that. He said there was indeed a man there and he was cold because he was dead.

I’ve said it before, there is nothing out there that will change the mind of any skeptic. I just found out I work with one, and I didn’t even bother to say what I believe. I only said that everyone has their own opinion on the subject. He hasn’t brought it up to me since. Eh. I don’t need to change his mind, but when a child is serious about seeing something to the point that it scares them, I believe them, and have a hard time believing someone else wouldn’t.