The Inn Pt. 11

Tonight, just one night after my bathroom experience, I stopped in to get my wife from work at around 3:30 AM. She told me about something that had happened just a couple hours before.

She was sitting at the front desk with her supervisor. The security guy was behind them in his little office. They didn’t have the music on in the lobby like they normally do. There was no activity going on with any guests anywhere, and the place was silent. The only maintenance man working at that time was at the other end of the hotel.

Near the steps that go from the lobby down to the first floor is a restaurant, and it’s closed at night. Apparently, the ghosts hanging out at this particular place like to hang out in this restaurant.

At night when everything closes down, they all have gates they close, much like stores in a mall. The one for this restaurant doesn’t come down, it has to be pulled from either wall, and the two gates meet in the middle, where they are then locked. When the gate is being opened or closed, it makes a lot of noise.

Sometimes they are left unlocked so that the night staff can get into that restaurant and get drinks. My wife told me while she was at work the other night she went over to that restaurant to get drinks, and she opened the gate big enough for her to get through. She left it that way, and headed in.

When she came back, the gate was completely closed. It wasn’t locked, but she hadn’t heard it move, and there was nobody around to shut it.
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The Inn Pt. 10

Last night I had another experience in the lobby bathroom. I’ve mentioned before how the paper towel dispenser will dispense towels when nobody is waving their hand in front of it, or even in the bathroom. Well, since then I’ve come to the realization that those things are faulty and will do that on their own. Just like those toilets that flush on their own will also flush at weird times. Sure, even the sink that runs water by itself will do it from time to time.

Last night, however, was something completely different, and something I’ve never experienced there. Or anywhere, for that matter.

I was the only one in there. I went to the very last stall, as I always do, and shut the door. I began doing my business. Number one, if it matters. Behind me I heard what sounded like a heavy breath, but not really from a person. It was almost a breathy growl. I heard the door creak behind me, as if someone were leaning on it. From the outside, it pulls open, not pushes open. It didn’t sound like someone pulling on it, just leaning on it.

In this bathroom, unless you’re a ninja, you’ll be heard walking in. I heard nobody walk in.

Yet I was sure someone was on the other side of the door. That breath was unmistakable. And I’ve used that bathroom so many times now, I know the regular sounds that can be heard in there. That was the first time I’ve ever heard this sound.
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Hitler Never Went Away

I just told you a story my dad shared with me when he had to rent a room with an alien abductee, Doug.

Well, he still needed a place to stay, so his buddy hooked him up with another potential place to stay, this time an older woman by the made up name of Ada, to protect her identity.

When my dad’s buddy took him to meet Ada, she welcomed them both in and gave them wine and food. She was a German woman who spoke great English with a German accent and loved to feed guests. While my dad spent time with her that night, she told him about her life.

When she was 2 she lived in Germany and was an only child. Hitler’s soldiers rounded her and her parents up and put them in a concentration camp. She said one day all of the people were lined up against a wall, and she was standing in between her parents. Hitler walked down the line looking at them all. She remembered looking up at him standing right in front of her, and he looked down at her and smiled.

He then went to his soldiers and gave them orders. They followed those orders… they started at one end and went down the line, shooting and killing every other person in the line. She stood in between her parents as both were shot and killed.

She screamed and cried, but was dragged away by the soldiers. As she was being hauled off, she looked back at Hitler who was looking at her, and he smiled again at her.
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More Lake Ghosts, And UFOs

I told you about some odd things happening at the lake where I hang out with my dad. I just spent some time with him and he told me a few stories I had forgotten about, so I thought I’d share them here. He also told me how nothing seems to happen much anymore at the lake, except things going missing all the time.

He currently lives with the old man who owns the property. My dad takes care of the man, since his own family (who lives next door) seems to not care much about him. My dad said he figured he would see all kinds of weird stuff while living there, but so far nothing much has happened, other than things going missing when they shouldn’t.

Recently, the old man had his license plate renewal stickers and updated registration come in the mail. My dad brought it in from the mailbox and set it down on the kitchen table. He told the old man about it and the old man said for my dad to put the stickers on the plates on the truck in the morning. My dad said he would. It has been a week now, and neither can find the letter with the stickers or the registration. It had never been moved, by them, from the kitchen table.

My dad said “hundreds” of times, but more like dozens most likely, is how many times the TV remotes have switched places. Both men have their own chairs in the living room, and both have tables next to the chairs. Depending on who is watching TV, or who is in charge of it, depends on who has the remotes. My dad told me those remotes, when they’re sitting on his table when he’s using them, either when the old man is gone or sleeping, my dad will go to get one and find it gone, only to discover it’s sitting on the old man’s table next to his chair. The only person who could have moved it would have been my dad, and there’s no reason he would have done that, and then forgot doing it.

Aside from that, nothing else has happened. Except last night, when my dad and I were sitting at my dads place by the lake, we both heard a car come down the driveway. My dad asked if I had heard a car and I said I had. Just after I said that, outside we heard one of the dogs take off, run up towards the driveway, and then bark once it was up there. We investigated, and nobody was there.
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Watching Over Us

Before I was born, my Grandmother lived in a house she bought brand new. She told me once how, before things started getting creepy with her bed sheets levitating to the ceiling and my Aunt’s boyfriend haunting the driveway, she had an occurrence where she was in the kitchen one day and some things she had hanging on the wall in there fell off of the wall. The house, nor the kitchen, shook. There was no boom. She said it was like someone knocked them off of the wall. She then later got a call and found out someone in her family had passed away at that exact time. She believed it was them letting her know they had gone.

Stories like that are not uncommon, whether it’s a friend or relative letting us know they’ve gone, or letting us know someone else is about to go. There are even stories of the spirits of someone who has come back after death to shed light on a subject. I remember once watching an Unsolved Mysteries and hearing a story about a woman who was murdered and the killer was never caught. A relative was haunted by her ghost, who told her who the killer was. When she called the cops and told them, they found the man and he admitted to the killing. The woman’s ghost never returned, her work done.

Recently, a good friend of mine shared with me his interesting, albeit terrible story. This just happened, and I just cleared the info with him and he told me to share the story here. I’m sure I’ll still get something wrong with the details, but this is what he told me.

He was really good friends with his dad. I’m the same way with mine. They would hang out a lot, they would listen to good music together, and he would be the DD for his dad when he went out drinking. Sadly, his father passed away.

Recently, my buddy decided to listen to some Christmas music, and he said when he played a certain two songs, he would smell his father in his truck, riding along with him. He later found out those two songs were his dads favorite Christmas songs.

One day while the family was together and hanging out, one of the kids was riding his bike and a picture was taken of him, on a cheapie camera phone.
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The Loveland Frogmen

I’ve been in Cincinnati my entire life and I had never heard of the Loveland Frogmen until Rick posted something about them over at Creepy Cincinnati. Ever since then I’ve been hooked.

I’ve done a lot of searching on them and come up with pretty much nothing. There have only been two documented sightings, one fake sighting, and nothing in the last 40 years. There are, however, a ton of investigations by Cryptozoology groups and paranormal investigators, and other sites talking about them, which makes me wonder how it took me so long to finally hear about them.

I discovered in 2010 a short film was made about them by some high schoolers. I’ll post the videos below. I also discovered earlier this year (2014) two guys wrote and performed a play about the Frogmen. I would have loved to have seen that.

Anyway, my obsession isn’t over yet. I might have to go camping around the Loveland area to see if I can catch me a Frogman!

The Inn Pt. 9

I spent last night at the Inn with while my wife worked. I didn’t actually stay in a room, I hung out in the lobby. I do that from time to time. It gives me a good chance to experience something strange, as I’ve posted many times before already. Last night was no different.

When we first got to the Inn, I was at the front desk talking with the other staff, because I know them all and we like to chat. I had my cell phone on the counter in front of me. At one point the screen came on, as if I had pushed the power button to light it up. I had not, obviously, even touched my phone.

At this point it was only around 9 PM, and the place was still hopping. The lobby was full of people. Finally around midnight things calmed down, almost immediately, and suddenly there was nobody there. At night, the Inn runs a skeleton crew. There’s only one maintenance man there, and he spends his time in the water park, unless he’s needed somewhere else. There’s one or two security guys, and one or two front desk people. There’s usually some housekeeping around somewhere cleaning hallways and the lobby.

I mentioned once how my wife got a creepy call at the front desk from an extension that didn’t exist, and all she got when she answered was dead air.

Last night she got another call like it. She answered and got dead air. The extension it came from was the GM’s office. Nobody was in there and the door was locked. The guy working at the front desk with my wife grabbed the security guy and went down to the first floor to check it out. They wanted to make sure nobody was messing around, breaking into offices, or whatever the case may be.
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