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The Apartment Pt. 4

Christmas time came and Tammy came back to the apartment to have a little get together with some of our friends. We typically got together the night before Christmas Eve, called it Christmas Steve, and had a good time.

I had sprung my ankle the day before, so I wasn’t doing much to help get ready, but everybody else had it covered. My girlfriend was there, the one who bought me the tab book, and two other friends were there, John and Jessica.

While they were all mostly in the kitchen and dining room making tasty treats for the night, I was sitting in my chair in the living room. I had hobbled to the VCR and put in a tape that we were all going to watch. I can’t remember at this point what it was, but that isn’t necessary.

I had the VCR on pause, while I waited for the rest of them to settle in; the remote to the VCR in my lap. At one point, the video started playing. I knew that VCR very well, and this wasn’t one of its functions, to just randomly play whenever it felt like it. Apparently, whatever it was we were about to watch was something Pink wanted to see.

I picked up the remote and paused the video again. Only a couple of seconds went by and the screen turned completely blue as it did when there was no signal being broadcast, and the tape ejected out of the VCR. I guess if we weren’t going to watch it right away, we weren’t allowed to watch it at all.

I had my girlfriend push the tape back into the VCR and everything for the rest of the night went without a hitch.

Lastly, one night I had been out late driving around with Jessica. We spent the night talking about ghosts, like the ones in her house bothering her and Pink. When she dropped me off at my apartment at, I do believe 3 AM, I climbed the steps to the first floor and opened my door. I instantly felt a presence at the door, and it was strong. I said, “Oh, hello Pink”. I could feel the presence move past me in a hurry and leave. I laughed. Apparently Pink didn’t like his new name.

Nothing after that ever happened there, that I can recall. The only thing I regret is not talking to more of my neighbors to find out if things were happening in their apartments as well. I had figured, if an entire house can be haunted, then why not an apartment building? After all, the spirit has full access to each apartment. Chances are good my place wasn’t the only one haunted. If only I spoke to someone…

The Apartment Pt. 3

Christmas time came, and Tammy and I had gone out shopping for gifts. We had a great time out shopping, and when we were done we both went back to the apartment to wrap the gifts we had bought. We spent the evening hanging out, having a good time. When we were done, we were getting ready to leave so that I could take her back to her parents house. I had been telling her about the ghostly incidents and she was a little more freaked out about coming back to the apartment, so it took her awhile to finally stay there, which she eventually did.

Just as we were about to leave, both of us standing by the door, neither of us talking, checking over our pockets and such to make sure we weren’t forgetting anything, we heard something break the silence.

Each one of the strings on my acoustic guitar were plucked, one by one, low E to high. We looked at each other, both of our faces pale, eyes wide. And then we heard my guitar slide from where it had been leaning against the wall in my bedroom onto the floor with a thud. We both walked into my bedroom and there it was, laying on the floor next to the tab book. The pick was still stuck between the three strings.

This meant only one thing… the pick had to be removed for those strings to be plucked. If it hadn’t been, those strings wouldn’t have made a sound, at least they wouldn’t have made the sound they did.

I left the guitar there on the floor and we both left. The incidents with Pink were almost over, but not quite.

The Apartment Pt. 2

For my birthday, my girlfriend at the time bought me the complete tablature book on Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I’d often sit on the floor in my bedroom strumming through some of Floyd’s greatest work. When I was done playing my guitar, I’d lean it up against the wall (the actual wall, not the album) with the pick stuck between the first three strings.

I discovered, often times when I was playing a song or two out of the book, that I had a presence near me. I could feel it on my back, someone else in the room listening to me, watching me play. I never let it bother me, but sometimes it was strong enough that it would mess up my playing, like someone interrupting me on purpose.

One night just before bed I decided I was going to do a little strumming and call it a night. After I played my guitar for a while, I went through the routine of sticking the pick between the strings and leaning the guitar up against the wall. For some reason though, I didn’t close the tab book like I normally did, I just left it open.

As I laid in bed trying to fall asleep, I started hearing something. It was a flapping sound, light and subtle, but it was there.

Just outside of my bedroom was one of the parking lot lights. My room never got to be pitch black, but it wasn’t really lit up either. It was just lit up enough that I could barely make things out in the room with my lights off. After the noise stopped happening, I looked down at the floor and noticed the book sitting there, still open. I decided to get up and check it out, since what I had heard sounded like pages flipping.

In the dim light I could just barely make out the pages and I discovered something. The pages HAD been flipping by themselves, and they stopped on the song “Hey You”, and those two words were the only thing I could really make out on the page.

A cold chill went up and down my spine. I shut the book and said aloud, “I’m going to go to bed now. Don’t bother me, I need my sleep.”

Instead of feeling like I had control over whatever was apparently in my room, most definitely in my apartment, I felt creeped out and couldn’t fall asleep for quite some time that night.

However, due to the recent Pink Floyd related incidents by my ghost, I decided to name him “Pink”.

Oh and, for the record, the following day I checked it out just to be sure it wasn’t some sort of accident or coincidence. The spot in the book where I had been at and where I had left it open on the floor was on the opposite side of the song Hey You, so that if the pages were to turn themselves because of their own weight so to speak, the pages would’ve flipped the other way in the book, not to the song Hey You. I also had no A/C or heat on that night, so there was no moving wind in my room.

Yet still, to make the pages turn on their own, I had to get them moving myself. They weren’t and wouldn’t turn by themselves. And this incident wasn’t the last time Pink made himself known, nor was it the last time he showed his appreciation for my guitar.

The Apartment Pt.1

When I was 20 I moved into an apartment with a good friend of mine, Tammy. This was the first time she had been on her own and the first time I had moved out of my Grandmother’s house. This apartment was in the same city where we had both grown up, and where I had grown up in The House.

Tammy got homesick shortly after moving in, so she moved back home with her parents for a few months. During that time, things started happening around our apartment.

The first thing to happen, one night I had gone to bed. Just as I was about to fall asleep I was suddenly awakened by three loud bangs on my bedroom door. I shot out of bed, heart racing and opened the door. Nobody was there. I had expected that maybe Tammy had come home and was joking with me, but that wasn’t the case.

It took me a while to go back to sleep that night, but I finally did.

A couple nights later, I went to bed and while laying there I happened to open my eyes and noticed light coming in from under my bedroom door. I got up and opened the door to notice the dining room light was on. It wasn’t when I went to bed. Once again I thought she had come home, and she wasn’t there.

A few nights after that, the same thing happened, only this time it was the bathroom light that was on.

A couple nights later, the bangs on my bedroom door happened again.

A couple nights later, the hall light was on.

Then the bangs.

Then the dining room light.

This happened over and over. The bangs on my door happened three times in total, but the dining room, hallway and bathroom lights would all come on by themselves countless times. This was the beginning of a fun time in the apartment.