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How London Deals With Ghosts

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was pretty funny. I’m not sure who the original poster is because I forgot to look.

Humanoids Caught On Tape

I was spending time on YouTube watching videos of death and stuff. I found some channels that I might be keeping up with, because they include videos like this…

Do you believe these videos are real? Whether or not you do, do you believe these sorts of creatures can exist?

Because of the age we live in now, I can’t believe anything I see on tape. While these are cool videos, I have to believe that each one is a fake. However, I do believe there are a whole lot of things in this universe that exist that we’ll never discover or understand. Maybe each one of these beings do exist. Maybe they don’t. Maybe we’ll never actually know for sure. Regardless, cool video!

Vote For Me!

Hey folks, I’m going to take a small break from the haunted goodness of this blog to promote myself a bit. I have a short story in a contest and I can use all the help I can get to win this thing!

My story Watching Them Change is a nice creepy story about a woman who has to watch her neighborhood turn into evil, soul sucking demons. It’s a quick read and even though it’s creepy, it’s pretty much safe for all ages. A good camp fire type story!

Head on over to Inkitt to the Shiver contest and give me a vote by clicking the heart at the bottom of your screen! The site will ask you to sign in, so if you don’t have an account you can easily sign in via Facebook or Twitter. Please make sure to tell everyone you know! There’s a lot of time left in this contest, but I have a long way to go to get near first! I’m currently in 4th place out of well over 120 stories! Thanks a ton!!!


Day Ghosts

Hey folks! I know I haven’t been around much lately, but I’ve been busy and I’ve had nothing to talk about. Until now.

ViralNova, a site I really enjoy, just posted this piece about Day Ghosts. I don’t agree with aspects of it, and of course I’ll share my thoughts here. Normally I love ViralNova, but every now and then they post something that makes me wonder.

The title for this piece is, One Couple’s Theory About Ghosts Is Unheard Of…But Oddly Makes Sense

If you’d like to read it first, that would probably be best. My problems start immediately with the title of the piece. Only one couple has that theory and it’s unheard of? No, it’s not unheard of, because more than just that couple believe it. Apparently ViralNova aren’t that into ghosts. I’ve been saying it for years that ghosts come out at all times of day and night. I’ve heard them say it on Ghost Hunters before.

The fact of the matter is, people who go ghost hunting do so at night because there’s not a lot of traffic going on outside, things are typically more quiet, and because everything is dark you have to focus your attention on those things you can see, such as where you’re shining your flashlight. If you know ghosts hunters who only turn their equipment on at 3 AM, they’re terrible hunters and probably believe everything they see in pictures are orbs.

Lastly, the couple in the article says they’re going to live on different sides of the country because, “To cover more ground and further their research, the power couple has decided to become bicoastal, with Ted in New York and Mary living in Los Angeles. They believe these cities have highest concentration of day ghosts in the country.”

That’s just terrible. I love their dedication, but seriously, it’s not worth it. They’re living a part from one another to study something that people have been studying for decades and still haven’t come up with anything solid enough to get everybody on board. And why do those two cities have the highest concentrations of day ghosts? Why is “day ghosts” being used as if it’s a thing separate from night ghosts? Ghosts are ghosts, they come out when they want. There aren’t different ghosts coming out just in the day or night. I think they went to LA and NY just to get more publicity somehow. Otherwise, why wouldn’t you go to where there are likely more ghosts? Not just more “day ghosts,” like Gettysburg or New Orleans for example?

This whole article is just terrible and makes me think ViralNova is running out of stuff to post.

Interview with Robb Demarest of Ghost Hunters International

Sheila Parker just posted a really cool interview with Robb Demarest of Ghost Hunters International! Stop by her place to read it, and to find out how you can go ghost hunting with him in person this October! Thanks so much for the awesome interview Sheila!


Today I’m welcoming paranormal investigator, Robb Demarest of Ghost Hunters International. He’s also investigated on Haunting: Australia and on Seekers. Thank you, Robb for stopping by!

Sheila ~ Why the paranormal? Is it something that you’ve always been interested in or was there a particular instance that started it all for you?

Robb ~ It mainly started because my mom would take my sister and I to empty buildings in the area where we lived. Many of these buildings, of course, had received the reputation of being haunted. While I did not see any ghosts lingering about, it became a life-long passion.

Sheila ~ What was it like working with Jason, Grant and the rest of the crew of Ghost Hunters?

Robb ~ The funny thing is that, while it was great meeting them, I have never actually investigated alongside any of them. We have been in the same location…

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The Warrens

When I was a kid I grew up in a haunted house, yet I was wise enough to know that not every seemingly paranormal thing that happened was actually paranormal, and I could look for a real solution to any event before writing it off as ghostly. That’s why I respect TAPS, because they do the same thing. I’ve watched MANY other paranormal and ghost hunter shows, and they’ve all come across as terrible, at least to me, because most, if not all of them, make evil demon ghost mountains out of regular non-paranormal mole hills.

When I was a kid I first experienced the original Amityville Horror. It was terrifying. My dad told me it was based off of a true story, and I grew up thinking it was all real. I even had an experience in my childhood haunted home that resembled a famous part of that movie. Except I was there, I saw it happen, and I know it actually happened. In my house, that is, not Amityville.

Then, as a teen, I discovered the haunting aspect of that house, the basis of the original book and movie, were a hoax. The guy, George Lutz, made it all up to make money and get out of bankruptcy. He was found out and served prison time because he lied about actual events to make money.

I then, years later, found out that wasn’t true. But even more recently I discovered many other people have lived in that house and none of them ever had any experiences.

I then watched a documentary called My Amityville Horror, where Danny Lutz, now a grown man, speaks about living in that house as a young boy. He comes across as sort of an asshole, which I guess given his history is to be expected, but the entire time he’s talking I feel like I’m being bullshitted. It was still an interesting watch, but it just further made me question what actually happened in that house, if anything.
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Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

There’s no telling if West Virginia’s creepy old abandoned amusement park, Lake Shawnee, is haunted. But it probably is. It hasn’t been in operation since 1966, and it was originally built on a desecrated Indian burial ground. Oh, it was also the location of a brutal massacre of settlers.

When a dig was conducted, the Native American burial ground was discovered, including 13 bodies, most of which were kids. Awesome! Who wouldn’t want to go to a place like that? A lot of people believe the place is cursed, so just by entering it you’re sure to have the best of luck in the future.


So why not go? I’d love to! And as luck would have it, the place is going to be open for one week only, from October 25th to Halloween! Make your plans now, and be sure to take tons of pictures! Tours begin at dusk and they’re allowing cameras and audio recorders to be brought in. They also suggest you bring a flashlight, otherwise you’ll be walking around a 50 year abandoned amusement park built on top of an Indian burial ground, in the dark.

If you do go, let me know how it was! I’d love to hear about it. I’d love to go myself, but I don’t think I’ll make it.


I pulled this info and the two pictures from here. Click the link to check out more on this and more awesomely creepy pictures!