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The Motorcycle

My dad just had his bike worked on at a friend’s house down the road, and he came home just now on it, finally after a week of waiting, and told me this.

The friend who worked on it, we’ll call him Pitbull because he raises them, told my dad that a couple years ago he had a buddy who lived down the street from him and his buddy killed himself. In his will, he left his motorcycle to Pitbull. Pitbull has had it in his garage ever since.

Recently, the friend’s dad came to Pitbull’s house and told him he wants his son’s bike back, but Pitbull said it was in the will that he get it and he’d have to think about it. So he thought.

He told my dad that while he was working on my dad’s bike, certain parts would fly across the garage. Once when he was walking into the garage he saw my dad’s ape hanger handlebars tuned completely downward, and they were locked in place.

Apparently things happen all the time in the garage only, and he thinks it’s his friend.

Pitbull told his wife, after thinking about it, that maybe he should give the bike to his friend’s dad. He went out in the garage to look at it, and in the fine layer of dust covering the bike, someone had written in it, “Don’t do it.”

That Indiana Home Pt. 11

Since we were just sitting around, my dad told me of two things that happened to him here on the property.

He mentioned that he had two dumbbells that he had on the floor next to his recliner. One day they were gone. He looked all over for them and never found them, to this day.

That story led to this one.

Years ago he was dating this chick who was Native American. She found a Native American made watch that she loved and bought for my dad as a gift. He loved it and wore it all the time, until something on it broke and it no longer told time. Instead of getting it fixed, he took it off and put it on his gear shift in his van. He drove around with it on there for a while and then one day he got in his van and it was gone.

Though it was possible someone stole it, it was very improbable. One day he decided he was going to clean out his van and thought that maybe he would find the watch. He cleaned it out and didn’t find it. A couple days later he got in his van, and it was hanging off his gear shift. It had been missing for over a year.

That Indiana Home Pt. 10

As it turns out, the bedroom my wife and I have was once used by the lady who lived here, Mae, and has since passed on. I discovered that just now, because of what happened last night.

My wife and I had just gone to bed and we were laying there in the dark. Our dog and cat joined us, which they usually do, and I felt my dog lay up against my shins, which she does all the time. But this time when she did, a vision flashed in my head and I saw a woman. I immediately thought my wife had moved her leg over to touch mine, and then thought there’s no way she could’ve reached my legs from where she was. We have a king bed.

Just then she told Rosie, our dog, to move, and the pressure on my shins went away. It felt like Rosie moved. I thought, why does my wife care if my dog is laying against me, considering she always does? And then I thought, how did she see Rosie laying there in the dark?

I didn’t think anything of it until my wife continued to yell at Rosie to move, and I said, “She did.” My wife responded with, “No she didn’t, she’s laying right here between us.” I said, “No, she was laying up against my legs.” My wife told me that she wasn’t, that she had been laying between us since she got in bed, and I reached down with my hand to feel her there.

So, who or what sat up against my legs? Could’ve been Mae again. It freaked me out a bit, but my wife said it’s no big deal, she feels things like that on her side of the bed all the time, she just never tells me.

That Indiana Home Pt. 9

I’m not sure what to think of this, but my wife is sure it was paranormal. And hell, it could be, I don’t know.

The other day my dad and I were sitting in the living room and my wife was in her room. I smelled something cooking and mentioned how it smelled good. My dad said he wasn’t cooking anything, but my wife said she was burning incense, but I wasn’t smelling that.

Dad said something in the kitchen was smoking, so I got up and went to check it out. I opened the oven and a cloud of smoke rolled out, and it didn’t smell good. I turned the oven off and went back to the living room.

No idea how the oven turned on, on high no less, and there’s no telling how long it was on to get that hot that it caused smoke. I don’t know what to think. What do you think?

That Indiana Home Pt. 8

We have our own cat, which I may have mentioned before, named Shade. He’s black as hell. Anyway, he likes coming into the bathroom while we’re using it. Sometimes he gets into the tub and sniffs around, or he jumps up on the counter by the sink and sits there until you’re done.

My wife just came out of the bathroom and said that’s where he was, on the counter, the whole time she was in there. She got up to leave and turned the light off, then called out to him and turned to watch him leave the bathroom too. Only what she saw was an animal jump from the back of the toilet to the floor, she heard it jump and land, and said it looked like a squirrel. She flipped the light on only to see not only was there nothing on the floor, but Shade was still sitting on the counter.

And here I was just wondering if anything was going to happen again. I don’t know what she saw or thinks she saw, but I don’t doubt her.

That Indiana Home Pt. 7

Yesterday my wife was in the kitchen and heard our outside cat, Samson, meowing as if he were under the sink. I informed her that I had just come in and he was near the front door, nowhere near the sink. I got up to check, and he was still there.

I’ve noticed that in some places, sounds are just as much the haunting as actually seeing things. I’ve also noticed that pets can be a muse for what happens. For instance, remember when I saw Redd running through the house on several occasions only to see him next to me or across the other side of the room? Well, maybe, our pets are being mimicked now.

Because just a few moments ago I was outside with Rosie. It was about midnight. She used the bathroom then ran back to me, huffing lightly. I let her in the house, then sat down in a chair to finish smoking my cigarette. A moment later I heard her huffing again, as if she were running up from behind me. I turned, expecting to see her, then as soon as I saw nothing I realized I had just let her in. It was exactly what I had heard a moment before when she ran up to the door.

I’m not sure if what I heard wasn’t maybe a coyote, we have them out here in the country in mass quantity. Regardless of what it might have been, I know one thing. It gave me the chills like I haven’t had in a while.
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Dad Gets A Call

We were just sitting around talking about the house I lived in when I was a kid, and my dad was telling us about some things that happened to him. Mostly to my wife, since I’ve heard all these stories before.

Except for this one.

My dad was named after his dad only he had a different middle name. Never mind that, everyone called him Junior. Except for his mom, who affectionately called him Junie.

Dad said that about a month after his mother died, while we were living in that house, he got a phone call. On the other end was his mom who he said sounded very far away. She said “Junie” twice and the line went dead.
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That Indiana Home Pt. 6

A few days ago my wife went into her office to find one of her heavier crystals across the room on the floor from where it had been sitting on her desk. Many possibilities, sure. But still eerie, especially considering that a couple days after that she was sitting at her desk and a big owl figurine she has, which is completely flat on the bottom, flew off of her desk right in front of her.

Tonight, just a few moments ago, she was in the kitchen making something to eat. She walked into the living room to give me a bowl full of grapes and went back into the kitchen. She turned around to say something and the kitchen light turned off, on its own.

How London Deals With Ghosts

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was pretty funny. I’m not sure who the original poster is because I forgot to look.

That Indiana Home Pt. 5

Just now I was outside smoking a cigarette and when I came back in my wife and dad were watching TV and my wife informed me the channel just changed itself before I came in. And not just by one channel, but several. Skipped from one to the other.

Dad said it happens every now and then when the weather is bad.

I’ve never, ever, heard of a TV that did that. Ever.