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Day Ghosts

Hey folks! I know I haven’t been around much lately, but I’ve been busy and I’ve had nothing to talk about. Until now.

ViralNova, a site I really enjoy, just posted this piece about Day Ghosts. I don’t agree with aspects of it, and of course I’ll share my thoughts here. Normally I love ViralNova, but every now and then they post something that makes me wonder.

The title for this piece is, One Couple’s Theory About Ghosts Is Unheard Of…But Oddly Makes Sense

If you’d like to read it first, that would probably be best. My problems start immediately with the title of the piece. Only one couple has that theory and it’s unheard of? No, it’s not unheard of, because more than just that couple believe it. Apparently ViralNova aren’t that into ghosts. I’ve been saying it for years that ghosts come out at all times of day and night. I’ve heard them say it on Ghost Hunters before.

The fact of the matter is, people who go ghost hunting do so at night because there’s not a lot of traffic going on outside, things are typically more quiet, and because everything is dark you have to focus your attention on those things you can see, such as where you’re shining your flashlight. If you know ghosts hunters who only turn their equipment on at 3 AM, they’re terrible hunters and probably believe everything they see in pictures are orbs.

Lastly, the couple in the article says they’re going to live on different sides of the country because, “To cover more ground and further their research, the power couple has decided to become bicoastal, with Ted in New York and Mary living in Los Angeles. They believe these cities have highest concentration of day ghosts in the country.”

That’s just terrible. I love their dedication, but seriously, it’s not worth it. They’re living a part from one another to study something that people have been studying for decades and still haven’t come up with anything solid enough to get everybody on board. And why do those two cities have the highest concentrations of day ghosts? Why is “day ghosts” being used as if it’s a thing separate from night ghosts? Ghosts are ghosts, they come out when they want. There aren’t different ghosts coming out just in the day or night. I think they went to LA and NY just to get more publicity somehow. Otherwise, why wouldn’t you go to where there are likely more ghosts? Not just more “day ghosts,” like Gettysburg or New Orleans for example?

This whole article is just terrible and makes me think ViralNova is running out of stuff to post.