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Don’t Go In The Basement

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If someone tells you to not go in the basement, don’t go in the basement.

I had the pleasure just now of driving a guy from our local airport to his hotel, and we got to talking about ghosts. He told me of his grandparent’s old house, where he saw an old woman standing in one of the upstairs windows a handful of times.

He said his grandmother was always walking around outside the house praying. He never asked why, but it could’ve been because of the house she lived in.

He told me back in the early 1900s there was cult activity in the area,  specifically where that house was. For a short period, some cult types lived in the house and somehow got a hold of his grandfather’s sister. They kept her captive, tortured her, and used her for cult reasons. Eventually she died because of it. She was in her 30s when it happened, and his grandfather doesn’t talk about her much.

The grandparents moved back into the house and had to deal with the activity that went on there. And the basement was a place they didn’t bother going.

I thought it might be more of a dirt floor cellar, and that’s what he said it was. One of his brothers decided one time to go down there with some others. They all claimed they saw a small black mass hanging from the bottom of the steps, and it had dull red eyes. It was instantly on his brother’s back. When they all ran from the basement, the brother had claw marks and scratches all over his back. They never went back down there.

So remember kids, when someone gives you a warning like that, listen!

He told me he could spend the night alone in the woods with no problem, but he always got chills going by that house, even now, and it’s no longer standing.

Personally, I’m glad I’ve never had anything like that happen to me, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous. Great story! 

A New Believer

Recently I had a chance to chat with one of my wife’s cousins about his ghostly stories. He told me he used to be a skeptic until just a couple of years ago when he lived in a pretty haunted apartment. Here are some of the stories I can remember him sharing with me, including some pictures he sent me of something that happened recently in his new place.

He had been living alone in Norwood, OH, a city just on the northern border of Cincinnati, in an apartment that was, if I remember correctly, the second floor of a house turned apartment building. From what I gather, the first floor remained unoccupied. He told me the neighbors often said to him how they constantly saw people walking around on the first floor, but nobody was ever there.

When he would go to bed he would hear people talking in his apartment, as well as cards shuffling. He said it sounded like if you shuffled them and then did “the bridge,” and he would check out his place and of course, find nobody there.

He said things would often go missing and then reappear days later in various places. Once he was watching TV, set the remote down on the arm of the couch which he “always did” and went to the kitchen for something. When he came back, it was gone. He searched all over for it, tore the couch up, and came up empty. Three days later, it was sitting on his computer desk.

When he met the woman who became his wife and she moved in, more things started happening. He suggested how sometimes cats or even dogs might kill a small rodent and leave it at the door as a gift to you, that would happen with various things they owned, at the foot of their bed. He would get out of bed and notice a neat pile of stuff, sometimes his wife’s brush and hairspray, to other things, sitting on the floor, like a gift.

Then they had their daughter. Their kitchen table and chairs were metal, probably cast iron. He said they had the thin legs, but every piece was really heavy. When their daughter started walking she also started trying to climb those chairs. Since they didn’t want her to hurt herself, they would push the table into the corner in the kitchen and put the chairs on it so she couldn’t reach them.

One night they were laying in bed and he heard his daughter screaming from her room. He said he had never heard her scream like that and it terrified him. He jumped up and ran into her room. He said her room felt extremely odd and bad, and he saw his daughter backed up into the far corner of her crib, screaming. He went to her, picked her up, and took her into his bedroom. He told his wife the daughter was staying with them that night but didn’t say why, only she just was. He didn’t want to scare his wife.
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