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Dear David

Have you heard about this? Apparently it’s a big deal on Twitter.

This guy began having dreams of a child with a dented head named David, and the child would just sit in a chair in the guy’s room, watching him sleep. Things continued to get worse and worse until eventually the guy was taking pictures of the child in his apartment.

The source for that picture is also a really good article on the topic, if you don’t feel like going to Twitter and following along from the beginning. It gives good highlights of the tale.

The thing is, in this day and age this could easily be faked, and you can believe it’s fake all you want. Apparently a lot of people believed that until the story continued to grow and no “punchline” was ever seen. The article I linked to said it seems legit and why would somebody come up with a story like that for no reason, as this one seems to be. Well, many people would do that if it seemed like something they would enjoy doing, just to drag people along.

I don’t know what to believe, but it’s a cool story and it’s good enough to give you the creeps. Tell me what you think below.


Jessica’s Ghosts

I wrote once about my friend Jessica and an incident that happened at a house she used to live in. She finally wrote some stuff down and sent it to me on Facebook, so now I’m going to share it.

Along with those things I previously wrote about, and also to give you a little bit more info on some of those things, here’s a pretty good list of the things that happened.

First, the upstairs was an attic made into a bedroom, and that was Jessica’s room. It had a tiny bathroom attached to it, but that was it, if I’m remembering correctly. The rest was a wide open space. She really had an awesome room. Except that it was constantly inhabited by the little girl haunting the house. Jessica told me all the time how she would go to bed and she would hear someone walking across her floor. She would hear them stop next to her bed. Or she would just feel the presence of someone there.

There was the stairs that went down from her room to the main floor of the house, with no door at the bottom. This is where I mentioned her purse coming down and hitting her in the chest. She told me in the message that she would hear someone running around up there all the time when nobody was there. She would also hear her bathroom door opening and shutting up there.

They had a sewing machine that was notorious for turning itself on and running, even though it was unplugged.

Their TV would change channels all the time, even though nobody had the remote, and especially when nobody was even in the room with the TV.

Jessica’s family were hosts for foreign exchange students. Two of them, in different years (and obviously who had never met one another), were in Jessica’s room at the top of the stairs and saw the bottom half of what appeared to be a “farmer” in overalls at the bottom of the stairs. This is the first time I’ve heard of this, and it also goes to help verify the man I saw in the kitchen, who was wearing overalls.

Another thing I never knew of until now was, two different times Jessica and some of her friends who happened to be by would hear deep laughter in the basement when nobody was down there. She said they all ran out of the house.

She said in high school one of her friends was over and the friend saw a “ball of light” follow Jessica’s mom into her bedroom.

I also remember her mom telling me this particular story once. In her bedroom on a little shelf she had a small figurine, it was either Mother Mary or Our Lady Of Grace, I can’t remember now. She was standing with her arms open. Jessica’s mom told me she watched the arms fold in as if giving a hug.

I know there were more stories, but I can’t remember them now and those were all Jessica gave me. Still, quite a nice collection! Thanks Jess!