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Don’t Go In The Basement

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If someone tells you to not go in the basement, don’t go in the basement.

I had the pleasure just now of driving a guy from our local airport to his hotel, and we got to talking about ghosts. He told me of his grandparent’s old house, where he saw an old woman standing in one of the upstairs windows a handful of times.

He said his grandmother was always walking around outside the house praying. He never asked why, but it could’ve been because of the house she lived in.

He told me back in the early 1900s there was cult activity in the area,  specifically where that house was. For a short period, some cult types lived in the house and somehow got a hold of his grandfather’s sister. They kept her captive, tortured her, and used her for cult reasons. Eventually she died because of it. She was in her 30s when it happened, and his grandfather doesn’t talk about her much.

The grandparents moved back into the house and had to deal with the activity that went on there. And the basement was a place they didn’t bother going.

I thought it might be more of a dirt floor cellar, and that’s what he said it was. One of his brothers decided one time to go down there with some others. They all claimed they saw a small black mass hanging from the bottom of the steps, and it had dull red eyes. It was instantly on his brother’s back. When they all ran from the basement, the brother had claw marks and scratches all over his back. They never went back down there.

So remember kids, when someone gives you a warning like that, listen!

He told me he could spend the night alone in the woods with no problem, but he always got chills going by that house, even now, and it’s no longer standing.

Personally, I’m glad I’ve never had anything like that happen to me, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous. Great story! 


The Inn Pt. 10

Last night I had another experience in the lobby bathroom. I’ve mentioned before how the paper towel dispenser will dispense towels when nobody is waving their hand in front of it, or even in the bathroom. Well, since then I’ve come to the realization that those things are faulty and will do that on their own. Just like those toilets that flush on their own will also flush at weird times. Sure, even the sink that runs water by itself will do it from time to time.

Last night, however, was something completely different, and something I’ve never experienced there. Or anywhere, for that matter.

I was the only one in there. I went to the very last stall, as I always do, and shut the door. I began doing my business. Number one, if it matters. Behind me I heard what sounded like a heavy breath, but not really from a person. It was almost a breathy growl. I heard the door creak behind me, as if someone were leaning on it. From the outside, it pulls open, not pushes open. It didn’t sound like someone pulling on it, just leaning on it.

In this bathroom, unless you’re a ninja, you’ll be heard walking in. I heard nobody walk in.

Yet I was sure someone was on the other side of the door. That breath was unmistakable. And I’ve used that bathroom so many times now, I know the regular sounds that can be heard in there. That was the first time I’ve ever heard this sound.
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Paranormal Misconceptions

I just wanted to take a minute to write about something that some might not know. And I might not even be completely correct about this myself, but that’s one thing about dealing with the paranormal that really nobody knows, and that is, the complete truth.

Since there are no “for sure” facts when dealing with ghosts, all we can really do is take our best guess at it. That’s why it’s still so controversial. Try and try as we might, we still have no absolute hard evidence to prove the existence of ghosts, because hard nosed skeptics will always find a “logical” answer to everything, even if their reasons aren’t that logical. That’s why I don’t trust any skeptic who will go above and beyond to disprove ghosts, to even go to lengths that make absolutely no sense, just so they don’t have to admit things are paranormal.

In my experience I have found these things to be more common than most seem to think, and I’d like to share them with you.

For starters, I feel, that most people tend to think ghosts can’t fling objects or hurt people physically. I used to think that for a long time. I always thought, if something is moved and doors are slammed shut, or furniture is pushed, it HAS to be a poltergeist. I also thought if someone is physically harmed, it HAS to be either a poltergeist or a demon.

As it turns out, ghosts can do pretty much what they want. They can move objects, they can throw things, and they can physically harm people. It all depends on how much energy the ghost can get its hands on, and what kind of mood it is in.

I also think that people tend to throw the “demon” label around all too often and too quickly. I do believe in demons, but I don’t think they are quite nearly as widespread as people, and popular paranormal TV shows would have us believe.

Poltergeists are another thing entirely. I don’t think they’re as common as most people expect, but I do think they’re more common than demons. But I also think that a lot of cases of poltergeist activity is misdiagnosed, and think that they are just ghosts haunting a place, in some instances.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a poltergeist is believed to be the manifestation of a troubled female, usually a young one, that displays as paranormal activity. Such as doors slamming, objects flying through the air, people being harmed our touched physically, or furniture being moved. I’m not very familiar with poltergeists, as I tend to believe 99% of hauntings are done so by ghosts or spirits, and not by poltergeists. A poltergeist is also not exactly someone who has died and left their spirit behind, just a bunch of concentrated energy being used to manipulate objects. In other words, if there is a troubled teenage girl living somewhere, and she has reached a terrible stress or emotional level, activity in that house, especially when the girl is present, will be great. And usually the activity is centered on her, so it might appear that she is the only one being haunted.

With that said, that’s what I’ve always been lead to believe, but that link I provided will say otherwise. Which again, brings up my point that none of this is an exact science. That link is also to Wikipedia, so take that how you will. Translated, poltergeist means “noisy ghost,” so naturally you can believe what you want. But by that definition, every ghost would be a poltergeist, because otherwise, how would you know you had a ghost if you didn’t hear it? Just by seeing it? In that case, 99% of ghost activity would be poltergeists and ghosts would be almost nonexistent. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Also, there’s a belief that if you live in a haunted house and you remodel the house or you rearrange your furniture you can get rid of the ghosts. In my experience, that doesn’t work, and it’s just a myth. Ghosts are in places because that place or area is where they belong or just so happen to “live.” There have been many reports of people watching a ghost walk down a hall and through a wall. And then they’ll say, “Well, years ago there used to be a door there.” So obviously turning that door into a wall didn’t get rid of the ghost, and the ghost walked through there anyway.

To make a crude joke, if a ghost is throwing around your possessions and moving your furniture, then obviously rearranging the stuff yourself isn’t going to get rid of them. If that worked, the ghosts wouldn’t do it themselves. That would be like us drinking poison.

That brings up another point. If a place is haunted, generally people think that the person either died there, or on the property somewhere, or they’re buried there, or the place is built over an old Indian burial ground, or there’s unfinished business. It would seem that there’s probably a reason for every haunting, for sure, but it can be just about anything. I once told about a guy my aunt was dating, and when she broke up with him he was so upset he killed himself. He didn’t do it on her property, yet that’s where he haunts, to this day, even though she hasn’t lived there for decades. The amazing thing about his story is, it’s a residual haunting. The same things happen over and over. So he didn’t really decide to haunt the house, it’s just his story, what he left behind, being played over and over. Why is it stuck there? Who knows.

Lastly, if you have a ghost in your house and you are scared, you shouldn’t be. Talk to it. Try to get it to respond to you. If it wants something from you, you might be able to help it to move on just by giving it what it wants, as long as what it wants isn’t too terrible. For instance, if you have a ghost who just wants to, I don’t know, maybe hear a particular song from when it was alive, and you play it, maybe it will be satisfied and move on. Or maybe it knows who killed it and wants to tell you so you can turn the killer in. Maybe it just wants to be acknowledged and have you not be scared of it. Even still, maybe it has a terrific treasure buried somewhere on the property and it wants you to dig it up and be rich. You’ll never know if you don’t talk to the ghost and find out.

I remember watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, years ago. These people moved into a haunted house, and at first they were terrified of the ghost. Then they named him and talked to him as if he were a real person, because naturally he used to be a real person. One time the lady said she walked into a kitchen and saw the bread levitate off of the counter and start to float across the kitchen. She called his name and said to put it back, and the bread went back to the counter and was set down.

I think it’s a blessing to have a ghost in your home. As long as it’s not a bad ghost or a violent ghost, they might be happy to have you there keeping them company, so you should be happy to have them keep you company. After all, to some, it might be scary being dead and alone. Nobody can see them or hear them. Maybe they just want to know they’re noticed and welcomed in your home.