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The Hotel Pt. 2

Finally, after a half a year, I got Mary from The Hotel to tell me more about the place. She responded to my email (after I harassed her multiple times about it) and said she’d even send me more if anything else goes down. Which apparently is very likely to happen.

I was told one night that Mary and the security gal saw an orb fly through the lobby and into Mary’s stomach. I didn’t ask if it was on camera or they actually saw it with their eyes. They can tell me later.

Here’s the story I got from Mary that I forgot to share last time because I had forgotten some of it and wanted to get it all down.

Mary told me around 2013 there was a large group of holy rollers staying at The Hotel. There were so many people there that the ballroom they rented for the event was packed and there were still tons of people outside of it trying to get in. Mary said groups like that tend to spark the activity in The Hotel.

She said that night, the resident ghosts whispered in her ear all night, incoherently, they’d brush her arms and play with her hair, but nobody was there when she’d look around. She said she can normally handle them, but that night it was a bit much.

Since she wasn’t feeling it that night, she sent the night audit guy to do her newspaper deliveries around 4:30 in the morning. There were about 100 papers to deliver, so he took a cart to push them from floor to floor. On his first stop he didn’t need many papers, so he left the cart on the elevator and sent it down to the next floor he’d need it on, and he carried the few papers needed for that floor and the one under it with him.
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The Hotel Pt. 1

I’m assuming I’m going to have more stories about this place, and I hope I do. Because of my current job, I deliver pizza to a lot of hotels, just like The Inn, and some of them I see a lot, again, just like The Inn. One in particular, which I’ve been asked to not name, I go to all the time. So much so, in fact, that I know the staff fairly well, and one of them in particular I would even consider a friend. She’s the one who filled me in on the good stuff, but here’s how I found this particular place to be haunted. I’ll call her Mary, because she doesn’t want to be named either and Mary is the first thing that popped in my head.

One night on a delivery I stopped by the front desk and saw a younger man working. I don’t know his name, as he’s fairly new and I never bothered reading his name tag. He was speaking with a new security officer, a younger girl, and she mentioned how the place was haunted. Of course this intrigued me, so I joined the conversation.

She told me how every time she goes up the back elevator to the second floor, she always feels creeped out, and how she always feels a gust of wind hit her just as she steps off of the elevator. She said she’s searched and found no vents or windows or anything that could be causing it. For some reason I feel like I’ve told this story here before, but now I can’t find it. Anyway…

I then told her and the boy at the desk how another driver who works with me constantly feels creeped out if he has to go to the second floor, and one hall on it in particular he absolutely hates walking down and sometimes runs down it just to get out of it. He, by the way, hates ghosts.

The boy then told me he was once touched on the shoulder by something, but when he turned around nothing was there. He then told me to talk to Mary as she has worked there for a while and has a ton of stories.

Ironically, as much as I go there and see her, after he told me to talk to her about it I didn’t go back for a few weeks, and when I did go I didn’t see her. Finally, tonight, I saw her and talked to her for a moment about it.

She told me the second floor is very active, so I guess my driver buddy was right in feeling creeped out there! In his defense, he had told me once that he seems to know a place is haunted just by being there, whether he experiences anything or not. He could be a useful asset to a ghost hunter, but he would never…
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The Ghosts At The Lake

There’s a lake that used to be open to the public as a pay lake and campgrounds, just down the road from the ghost truck incident. The lake is currently closed to the public and is now a private residence. My dad happens to live there with the man who owns the property.

My dad was telling me about some things that happen out there. It’s not a lot, and there could be explanations for it other than the paranormal, but the stories are creepy and of course, you can decide.

Since the lake has closed the people who live there still are always on the lookout for people coming in and trying to fish, so they’re always listening for cars. The lake is in the country and surrounded by farm land, but there are a few roads around it that see their fare share of traffic. You can tell when someone is going by, but you can definitely tell when someone is coming down the driveway from the road, because it’s gravel. The cars, of course, also sound closer because they are. You can also tell when a car door is shut at one of the neighbors houses, or if it’s shut on the lake’s property. Mostly because you can just barely hear the car doors shut at the neighbors even if you’re standing outside, because of how far away the neighbors are.

The people who live at the lake often tell about being in their campers and hearing cars coming down the driveway, hearing car doors shut as if the car is at the old bait shop. They’ll go to look and find nobody there, or anywhere on the property, who could have made that noise. One resident told how one night he heard a car pull up right next to his camper and he heard a car door shut. He went outside quickly to tell the people the lake was closed and they couldn’t be there, only nobody was there.

I’ve even heard cars sound like they’re coming down the driveway and there would be nothing there, so I’ve experienced this myself. Never one sounding like it was right next to a camper I was in though. Who knows, maybe it’s that ghost truck from down the street.

My dad also told me of Jack, a man who visited him twice at the lake since it’s been shut down. Sometimes people who used to go to the lake years ago will come back by only to find out it’s been closed. They’ll often ask to talk to the owner, because they remember him from years ago. Everyone out there knows and loves him. So these people will ask to see him to say hi and to catch up on missed time.

My dad was at his place one night, sitting outside either reading or just enjoying the view of the lake. It was quiet that night, as most nights are out there now, when suddenly a man appeared from around the fishing shelter in front of my dads place. My dad jumped. The man introduced himself as Jack and asked about the lake being shut down. He then asked how the owners were (elderly couple, the wife passed on just a year ago now, when Jack stopped by she hadn’t passed on yet) and my dad said they were fine. Jack said that was good, said how he used to fish there all the time years ago, said goodbye and left, going back the way he came on the other side of the shelter.

Curious, my dad got up to go look for his car, because he hadn’t heard one come in, or heard any doors shut, or even heard the man walking around. The parking lot for the lake is right behind my dads camper. When he walked around the camper next to his and looked around, there was no car or Jack.

A few months went by and the same thing happened again. Jack appeared from around the front of the shelter and scared my dad, but my dad remembered him and said hi. Again the man asked how the owners were doing, my dad said they were good, and told him he could stop by and say hi to them before he left. Had the man driven there, he would’ve passed the owners home on his way back out the driveway. Jack told my dad that was okay, he was in a hurry, said goodbye and left the way he came again, in front of the shelter. My dad jumped up and passed by the front of the shelter and went to the other side of it. Nobody and no car were there.

If Jack is a real, living guy and he didn’t drive to the lake, if he walked there, he came from a long way off, through woods and farm fields, in the dark. There’s a street light that sits high up on a telephone pole, and that light lights up all of what used to be the parking lot of the lake. There was plenty of light for my dad to see, but the guy just vanished. Those are the only two times he had ever been seen, at least by my dad.

My dad described the guy to the owners and told them his name was Jack, but neither could remember him. And they knew everybody.

Just a warning, if you should happen to find yourself there and you go on to the property, you are trespassing and authorities will be called. They don’t put up with trespassers because some come to the lake to do damage to the property, such as breaking and entering, or stealing stuff off of the property, like things that are still in the bait shop (there’s nothing left in the bait shop, but trespassers don’t know that). So don’t bother going out there, if they catch you they will not ask you to leave, they’ll tell you. Not enough activity goes on anyway to justify the trip. I’ve been going out there for 20 years and haven’t experienced anything noteworthy other than a car coming down the drive that could have just been going down the street.

One day in the future it may be open to the public again, but as of now there’s no telling when that might be.