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The Warrens

When I was a kid I grew up in a haunted house, yet I was wise enough to know that not every seemingly paranormal thing that happened was actually paranormal, and I could look for a real solution to any event before writing it off as ghostly. That’s why I respect TAPS, because they do the same thing. I’ve watched MANY other paranormal and ghost hunter shows, and they’ve all come across as terrible, at least to me, because most, if not all of them, make evil demon ghost mountains out of regular non-paranormal mole hills.

When I was a kid I first experienced the original Amityville Horror. It was terrifying. My dad told me it was based off of a true story, and I grew up thinking it was all real. I even had an experience in my childhood haunted home that resembled a famous part of that movie. Except I was there, I saw it happen, and I know it actually happened. In my house, that is, not Amityville.

Then, as a teen, I discovered the haunting aspect of that house, the basis of the original book and movie, were a hoax. The guy, George Lutz, made it all up to make money and get out of bankruptcy. He was found out and served prison time because he lied about actual events to make money.

I then, years later, found out that wasn’t true. But even more recently I discovered many other people have lived in that house and none of them ever had any experiences.

I then watched a documentary called My Amityville Horror, where Danny Lutz, now a grown man, speaks about living in that house as a young boy. He comes across as sort of an asshole, which I guess given his history is to be expected, but the entire time he’s talking I feel like I’m being bullshitted. It was still an interesting watch, but it just further made me question what actually happened in that house, if anything.
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Haunted Houses For Sale!

Would you like to live in the Amityville house? How about the house where Lizzie Borden MIGHT have killed her dad and step mom with an ax? Well, if you got several million dollars just lying around and a hankering for the paranormal, why not? Check it out on ViralNova!

The housing market is still in decline, but we here at ViralNova have a little tip for all of you hopeful home seekers out there: buy houses that are filled with ghosts!

Finding ways to lower the asking price of a house is vital when shopping for a new home. What better way is there than to bring up all of the dead bodies and stuff? Here are some of the most haunted houses on the market today.

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What’s Haunted?

I know there aren’t many who follow this blog, and that’s fine, but I’m opening this particular post up for discussion. I recently saw something on TV, I believe it was about the Amityville Horror house, where some “expert” said places weren’t haunted, people were.

Do you believe that? If not, what do you believe?

Personally, I think that’s a load of crap. I’m not even going to get into what he could have meant outside of his literal meaning. As far as ghosts are concerned, do you think places can be haunted, or people? Both? Neither? I guess if you’re a skeptic you’re probably not reading this blog.

I think places are haunted, obviously. I also think people can be haunted and that ghosts or spirits or even darker entities can follow them around from place to place. But to say a location isn’t haunted is ridiculous. So if places aren’t haunted and only people are, then of the 20+ places I’ve lived in my life, why did I only experience things in a select few of those places? And when I experienced things in those few places, why were they all different things I experienced? My ghosts were just changing things up to keep me on my toes? Hardly.

If places aren’t haunted, then why are there famous, “most haunted places in the world” or “most haunted places in America?” And why do those places continue to have the same events happen in them as witnessed by many different people over long periods of time? So all of those people who witnessed the same things happening in one location were all haunted by the same ghosts?

I don’t buy it. Absolutely a place can be haunted. This earth is full of energy of all different kinds. It runs through everything, living or non. That energy can be used by anything, living or non.

So, what do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.