That Indiana Home Pt. 11

Since we were just sitting around, my dad told me of two things that happened to him here on the property.

He mentioned that he had two dumbbells that he had on the floor next to his recliner. One day they were gone. He looked all over for them and never found them, to this day.

That story led to this one.

Years ago he was dating this chick who was Native American. She found a Native American made watch that she loved and bought for my dad as a gift. He loved it and wore it all the time, until something on it broke and it no longer told time. Instead of getting it fixed, he took it off and put it on his gear shift in his van. He drove around with it on there for a while and then one day he got in his van and it was gone.

Though it was possible someone stole it, it was very improbable. One day he decided he was going to clean out his van and thought that maybe he would find the watch. He cleaned it out and didn’t find it. A couple days later he got in his van, and it was hanging off his gear shift. It had been missing for over a year.

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