That Indiana Home Pt. 10

As it turns out, the bedroom my wife and I have was once used by the lady who lived here, Mae, and has since passed on. I discovered that just now, because of what happened last night.

My wife and I had just gone to bed and we were laying there in the dark. Our dog and cat joined us, which they usually do, and I felt my dog lay up against my shins, which she does all the time. But this time when she did, a vision flashed in my head and I saw a woman. I immediately thought my wife had moved her leg over to touch mine, and then thought there’s no way she could’ve reached my legs from where she was. We have a king bed.

Just then she told Rosie, our dog, to move, and the pressure on my shins went away. It felt like Rosie moved. I thought, why does my wife care if my dog is laying against me, considering she always does? And then I thought, how did she see Rosie laying there in the dark?

I didn’t think anything of it until my wife continued to yell at Rosie to move, and I said, “She did.” My wife responded with, “No she didn’t, she’s laying right here between us.” I said, “No, she was laying up against my legs.” My wife told me that she wasn’t, that she had been laying between us since she got in bed, and I reached down with my hand to feel her there.

So, who or what sat up against my legs? Could’ve been Mae again. It freaked me out a bit, but my wife said it’s no big deal, she feels things like that on her side of the bed all the time, she just never tells me.

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