That Indiana Home Pt. 8

We have our own cat, which I may have mentioned before, named Shade. He’s black as hell. Anyway, he likes coming into the bathroom while we’re using it. Sometimes he gets into the tub and sniffs around, or he jumps up on the counter by the sink and sits there until you’re done.

My wife just came out of the bathroom and said that’s where he was, on the counter, the whole time she was in there. She got up to leave and turned the light off, then called out to him and turned to watch him leave the bathroom too. Only what she saw was an animal jump from the back of the toilet to the floor, she heard it jump and land, and said it looked like a squirrel. She flipped the light on only to see not only was there nothing on the floor, but Shade was still sitting on the counter.

And here I was just wondering if anything was going to happen again. I don’t know what she saw or thinks she saw, but I don’t doubt her.

3 responses to “That Indiana Home Pt. 8

  1. What are your thoughts regarding this? Do you still think it is harmless?

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