That Indiana Home Pt. 4

Yesterday my dad and I decided to rotate the tires on my car. The front two were bald and the back two looked new, so it was time. We got the passenger side done then started the driver side. I then discovered something I should’ve known but didn’t because… well I have no excuse. I discovered my lug nuts have covers.

I found out when we took a break after doing the first side. My dad was holding the last lug in his hand and the cover came off. He put it back together and tried to pull them apart but they wouldn’t separate.

A short while later we had taken both tires off the driver side and had flipped them and we were in the process of screwing the lugs back on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one drop out of dads hand. He said “shit!” and reached down to pick it up, but realized it was just the cover and not the lug. It dropped right between his feet and the tire, a space of less than a foot.

We couldn’t find the lug. Anywhere. I pulled the car forward (once we finished the rest of the lugs) a foot to see if it had somehow rolled or bounced behind the tire, but it wasn’t there either. It was just gone.

Today I came home from work and my dad said he found the lug. It was on the edge of the porch, 30 to 40 feet away from where we were working on the car.

So now things are going on outside of the house. This should be fun.

Oh yeah, my wife has a pet rat. Did you know that? I guess you do now. Leo stays in her office, and he’s never been much of an extrovert. He likes to stay in his cage and hang out. I can relate. Well, three times now my wife has gone into her office to find the door to his cage completely open. Luckily he has no interest in leaving, so she hasn’t lost him yet.

4 responses to “That Indiana Home Pt. 4

  1. Mae seems to be very much the extrovert. I’m behind in reading, but catching up. I have many questions. The one at the top of my list is do you think Mae will turn mean_ Do you think that Mae has any mean tagalong spirits with her? If not, why not? This is fascinating.

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