Sir NoFace And Indisputable Evidence

I’ve talked about this before to a degree but must again. As a believer in the paranormal who always looks at things skeptically, and one who has spoken to many skeptics, there is, in my opinion, nothing that can change the minds of the hardest skeptics. No proof could ever convert everyone. I once spoke to a guy who had an answer for everything. If you saw a ghost, or some sort of paranormal event, it just meant that you were hallucinating from some cause, whether it be your tap water, or medicine you’re on, or the air you breathe. He really felt that way.

Over the years there have been many excellent pictures and videos taken, as well as sound bites and everything in between, that were as close as you could get to being indisputable evidence. Take the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall as example.

That picture was taken in 1936 and printed in both Country Life magazine (which it was taken for) and Life magazine. It wasn’t supposed to be a ghost picture taking event, the camera guys were in Raynham Hall just taking pictures for Country Life when they got this. After being interviewed and the film studied, it was revealed that there was no reason to not believe the two who captured the picture, and the film was not tampered with, meaning the picture is legit.

Yet there are still skeptics of it. Even world famous scientist Bill Nye recently said there’s no such thing as ghosts, which pissed me off because if he’s a scientist, he shouldn’t be that definite on an answer. He says there has been no indisputable proof, which is fine because there’s not, but to then say there’s no such thing is not like a scientist, in my opinion. “We don’t know” would have been a better answer.

This is the case with all evidence. And now in the modern age where we can create anything with computers, it is harder than ever to capture anything paranormal and have it be indisputable evidence that everyone would believe.

Until now, apparently. Some ghost hunting folks were sanctioned by the government of Australia to do an extensive hunt of some building there and during their investigation they captured a lot of evidence of someone they call Sir Noface, including one piece that is apparently indisputable evidence of ghosts.

They’re taking this evidence and story on tour and I’m going to go to one of their stops around here in late August.

I’m not saying they didn’t get what they claim, but I am skeptical. Furthermore, if what they say is true, why hasn’t it been all over the news? Wouldn’t this be as big as indisputable proof of aliens, or Bigfoot, or Nessie?

The guy who made the film, Chad Calek, has another gig hosting a paranormal show on cable called Paranormal State, which he starred in and directed. As far as ghost shows go, it’s among the worst. It has been debunked and isn’t done very well at all. Hell, even Ghost Hunters has been debunked, which upset me greatly. I thought they were all for the greater good of the cause, but it turns out money speaks volumes.

I read a review of the movie that goes on to talk about how the film plays out, and even Chad seems to be all about getting the truth and not buying into it immediately, but, just his presence is going to make the movie less credible. I guess I’ll find out when I see it.

Have you heard of this? What do you think? I can’t wait to see what they got, regardless of if it’s indisputable or not. But I’m still going to look at this from a skeptical mind. If you’d like to check out more on this, go to their website

How many times did I say “indisputable” in this piece? If you answered 1037 times, you’re off by one.

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