Gaming Ghosts

Apparently there’s a few videos online of gamers recording themselves playing, as they do, and paranormal stuff happening behind them, which of course gets caught on tape. I just now discovered this, but it may already be old news to you.

I just saw this video and thought I’d share it. It definitely has a creep factor to it, the kid’s reactions seem legit, and the scares are fun (except to him). But someone pointed out to me his cat is just chilling on the couch, which it is, and typically animals, especially cats, don’t seem to do well around paranormal events.

I’m not sure what to make of this, considering the cat, but I’m leaning more towards real than fake. What says you?

There’s a video where he goes back to the apartment and more stuff happens here.

6 responses to “Gaming Ghosts

  1. By the dude’s reactions, and what went on, I have chills. Who knows with today’s technolgiy. My reaction is that something scared the poo out of that boy. There is the cat though. Maybe it felt no danger to itself. Cats are fickle.

    Side note…The Beast of Bray chills me. I am not that far away. I link clicked. Michigan has its Dogman, that (who) appears in years ending in 7. This iss 2017…i wonder if someone will have a sigbting. I want to take road trips now.

    • Never heard of the Dogman. Possible Bray Road connection?

      • Could be. They are all in the tri-state region.

        What are your thoughts on Coast to Coast am?

      • If it’s the show I listened to a while back, I like it. If I listened to more radio I’d tune in more to things like that.

      • The show is on most am stations. Maybe 840 in your area. It is my goto when I have to drive late at night. Chock full of interesting events. Many are chill inducing. Always interesting and informative.

      • Yeah, that sounds like what I listened to, though I can’t remember what station it was on. I think the last time I listened they were talking to an author of science fiction books and discussing if anything the author wrote could happen. It was pretty cool.

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