Reily’s Pizza

Reily is a small town located between Cincinnati and Oxford. For those of you who know of Reily, it’s probably because you either live/d there, saw a kickass concert there (Ted Nugent shut the town down), or because you’ve been to Reily’s Pizza.

It’s pretty much the only business in town. Maybe another bar. Handful of houses. That’s it.

If they get 30 customers in a day, that means the entire town of Reily ate, twice.

If they get 30 customers in a day, that means the entire town of Reily ate, twice.

Reily’s Pizza has some delicious food and tasty beer. They’ve been around for a long time, and for almost just as long, they’ve also been known to be haunted.

I forgot all about them being haunted until I talked to my dad the other day, and he told me about something that happened to him while in there.

I’ve been to the place twice, once years ago and once this past summer with my dad. My dad goes all the time, and has for years. He told me about a recent incident and mentioned how he had forgotten it was haunted until that happened, then he remembered something that had happened to him back in 1988 or so.

Which do you want me to tell you first? That one? Okay.

He had stopped in with two of his buddies. They sat down at a table and got a pitcher of beer. Three big guys sat at a table over from them, and they had some pitchers, too. With everybody drinking, and everybody in a mood to fight, the group of guys started talking crap to my dad’s two buddies, because they were big guys.

His two buddies started talking crap back to them and said they wanted to fight. My dad tried talking them out of it when out of nowhere their pitcher of beer flew off of their table and landed on the other guy’s table, splashing beer all over them. They got pissed off and were ready to fight while my dad was dragging his buddies out of the bar. As he was, he kept an eye on the other guys, and suddenly their pitcher of beer flew off of their table and hit my dad and his buddies, soaking them.

As far as what happened to him just two weeks ago…

He stopped in during the day just to have a beer or two. He was sitting at the bar talking to the guy behind the counter, because of course my dad knows everybody who works there. While they were talking, a bag of hamburger buns flew off of the top of the oven, past the guy, right past my dads head, and landed on the floor behind my dad.

The guy behind the bar laughed and said it happened there all the time. That prompted my dad to remember the place was haunted and his previous experience there, which you just read above.

The guy picked up the buns and put them back on the oven. A few minutes later, they flew off of the oven and back to the floor where they had landed before. I asked my dad how far he thought they went, and he said they almost landed in the men’s bathroom (for those of you who know the inside of the place) and said from the oven to the floor must have been fifteen feet.

A moment later a woman came in and sat at the bar where my dad was and the two got to talking. The guy working there went and got a case of beer in cans to stock the cooler behind the bar. At one point he looked around and said “Who put those there?”

My dad looked over from the woman and saw five beer cans sitting in a row on the bar, right in front of him. He said the first was right side up, the next was upside down, and they were all staggered like that.

The guy grabbed them and put them in the cooler with the rest. While he continued to stock the beer, just a moment later, the woman said to my dad that it happened again. He looked around and five more cans of beer were sitting in the same spot, staggered in the same way.

I’ll be making a trip out there soon hopefully to have more of a look around if they’ll let me. Plus I really want another of their pizzas. They’re really good.

Some beer sounds good, too.

Anybody have any stories from there? I’ve known that it was haunted, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard any other stories from there.


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