I’m Back With More!

I know it has been awhile, but I’ve gone almost all year so far without a computer. I’m finally back on board though, and I realized just last night that I needed to do some catching up here, because I have stories to tell! Not many, and they’re not too crazy, but they’re something.

First, let me say that since I’ve been gone from here I’ve noticed a new (maybe?) group pop up called Cincinnati Ghost Seekers. They do ghost hunts all over the Cincinnati area and for a small fee you can join them. I haven’t been able to yet, but I plan to attend one or two in the near future. It has been too long for me! I need to get back out there.

If you’re interested in checking them and their ghost hunts out, the only links I could find, and I guess the only ones you need, are here. Their Facebook page, tickets for ghost hunts.

Now, back to business. I told you that my wife left her job at the Great Wolf Lodge. Well, her new job is doing the same thing, only at a different hotel. I never got any weird vibes there, and never heard anything about the area it’s in, so I never believed it to be haunted. And up until now nothing has ever happened, at least that my wife has heard about.

That is, until a couple months ago when there was an incident at the bar. Since I can’t tell you the actual name and location of this hotel, I need a new name. I’ll just call this one the Blue Ash Hotel. It is in Blue Ash, Ohio which is just north of Cincinnati, but there are dozens of hotels there.

Anyway, their lobby acts as a dining room and has a bar area. The bar area is just that, it’s a small bar that seats about seven people, and it’s in the lobby. Behind the bar is their selection of liquor, a flat screen, and above the TV is a shelf with an empty bottle of each one of the beers they sell.

To the left of the bar is a small sitting area with a couch, love seat, chairs, table, and another flat screen. This one is bigger than the one at the bar, and it swivels. It has such a good reach that it can almost go flush with the wall behind the bar and act as a second TV for the bar area.

My wife just informed me this first incident happened to her, on her shift, back in February. It was just after the bar closed, so there were still some people lingering in the lobby and outside on the patio, but the bar area itself was void of any people. My wife heard a loud noise and went to the bar to discover one of the beer bottles up on the shelf had fallen off the shelf and landed on the floor behind the bar.

Sure, anything could have caused it, but those bottles have been there forever, and no other bottles were out of place.

She checked the security tape and watched the bottle rock as if being tapped, before coming off the shelf. The only problem with the tape was, it was grainy and not well lit. It most definitely wasn’t in HD.

That’s all that had happened until just the other night. A new girl was working by herself. My wife had been there to train her, but had left around 3. The new girl said around 3:30 she heard a noise and went to see the bar’s flat screen had been turned on. Both remotes were sitting behind the bar, and nobody was there. She turned the TV off and went back to the front desk, when she heard another noise. She went to check and discovered the bigger flat screen on the swivel arm was on. She turned it off and that was it.

Last night I went to that small sitting area and felt a strong electric in the air. I can’t say for sure what it was or what was causing it, but I would like to spend more time in the lobby to maybe experience something for myself.

Well, that’s all I got for now, but if anything else comes up I’ll definitely post it here!


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