The Beast Of Bray Road

I was recently talking to a friend about the paranormal and how we both agreed that people who experience the paranormal tend to have families who do as well. In other words, it runs in the family.

That being said, both of my parents definitely have had crazy experiences, as I’ve documented here, but my dad really takes the cake. Of all the things he’s told me over the years about his experiences, this one, I think, is really cool. They’re all cool, but this one is at the top of the list.

He saw the Beast of Bray Road.

Only he didn’t know that’s what it was called, and when he saw it, he didn’t even know it was a thing.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m with you, as is he. I just learned about it yesterday, although I’ve heard his story a few times over the years.

The Beast was first reported back in the 1930s on rural Bray Road outside Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It has been seen since then, all through the years, by many different people around Wisconsin, through Illinois, all the way up into Canada, and it’s called the same name in all locations.

Reports started growing in the 80s and 90s and a newspaper sent a reporter out to write a piece on it. At first skeptical, she later changed her mind because of all of the testimonies. Her reports were all collected in a book, The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf. It was also made into a movie, The Beast Of Bray Road.


That’s right, it’s a werewolf. Well, nobody has ever seen a transformation take place, but that’s what it looks like, a werewolf, standing around 7 feet tall and weighing near 400 pounds. It also walks around on its hind legs and scares the crap out of everybody.

My dad has been telling me for years about a trip he took in 1970 or 71 with a friend of his who had family in either Wisconsin or Minnesota, he can’t remember which now, and he said they were going to visit the family. On their way they were stopped at a camp ground one night and sleeping in his buddy’s pickup truck. My dad said he woke up and felt as if something were looking at him. He looked over, and there was a nose pressed against his window. He said the creature was huge, and seeing the beast staring at him through his window made him jump back into his buddy who was sleeping in the driver’s seat, which caused the beast to jump and run off into a field in front of them. He said it ran about 50 yards and stopped to look back at them. It ran on its hind legs, stood very tall, had long thin arms and legs but a huge chest and torso. My dad woke his buddy up and pointed out the creature. His buddy said, “Why would someone be out here in a costume?”

My dad said they eventually found his friend’s family and told them of their meeting with the creature, and being from the area they all knew about it and were amazed that they had actually seen it. Now, after all these years, he finally knows what it’s called and that it’s a thing that not only exists, but that many people have seen over the years. He just told me he thinks of it every now and then and he can still see it up against his window staring at him.

Because of things like the Beast of Bray Road and the Loveland Frogmen and the Swamp Skunk of Florida, among many others, I find it fascinating how there can be these awesome tales of strange cryptozoological creatures all over, and how every area seems to have their own specific creature.

Have you experienced anything like this where you live? What is your area’s creepy local monster?


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