The Inn Pt. 15

I was hanging out at The Inn last night while my wife worked. In their lobby they have a giant Halloween set up for kids. There are creepy things hanging off the walls and a DJ booth where a DJ plays music, I’m guessing with a Halloween vibe to it, and the kids dance.

All was quiet in the lobby, where I was sitting by myself, all night. And then at 4:45 AM, the DJ booth started playing music by itself. It was loud, and I can’t recall the song playing but it was one I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. (EDIT: My wife just told me the song was “It’s Hip To Be Square.” If it matters.)

The guy my wife works with went out from behind the counter to the DJ booth and fiddled with some things and the music finally stopped. As he walked back to the desk he mentioned how it was strange because the system was turned off before the music started.


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