With A Little Help From My Friends

A good friend of mine just posted a picture on Facebook (below) that was given to him from one of his mother’s friends. Unfortunately, the farm house she lives in out in Goshen, Ohio caught fire and her and her husband had to evacuate. Later, while she was taking pictures for the insurance company, one of the firemen came up to her and said it was a good thing she closed one of the doors (I believe the door in the picture), or the whole house would have burned down. Her husband said he didn’t close the door, he was carrying his wife and they just ran out of the house.

Apparently the original owners love that house so much they’ve stuck around to keep it as safe as possible. They are not on the wall, they only appeared in this photo that was taken for the insurance company.

Click the image for a larger picture.

Click the image for a larger picture.


I was messing around with the picture, trying to lighten it and darken it and just basically seeing if I could get a better look at the couple. While nothing great came from it (because I’m not THAT good at doing that sort of thing), I did look at the picture long enough to make out what I think is the woman’s smile (open lips, teeth showing) and the man’s hand, including his fingers. Very interesting picture.

Thanks Don! I hope their house gets fixed up soon and they can move back in.


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