The Nursing Home

I know it has been a while, but I haven’t had anything good to tell, rather, nothing at all. Until last night, when a customer of mine told me about some of the things going on where she works. Did I mention it’s a nursing home?

She said in the middle of the place is a courtyard that is surrounded by the building. Every night it sounds as if a pebble or a small rock is thrown at one of the windows looking out to the courtyard. She said it happens every night, nobody is ever out there, and it happens in the winter too.

Shadow people are seen constantly up and down the halls. One coworker reported hearing a “blood curling scream” coming from one hall. Nothing was found upon investigation. A child is often heard talking, laughing, or crying.

Lastly, she told me of the call lights. Call lights are those lights that inform nurses that one of the residents needs their attention. She told me the call lights go off all the time for rooms that have nobody in them.

She left me with a saying that I had never heard before, but I like it. Of course, there’s probably no truth to it, but it is a neat saying. She said she was told that if someone dies, they should open their window to let the spirit out, otherwise they’ll hang around and haunt the place.

One can imagine any place where people often die can be one of much paranormal activity. Do you have any stories to share?


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