The Hotel Pt. 2

Finally, after a half a year, I got Mary from The Hotel to tell me more about the place. She responded to my email (after I harassed her multiple times about it) and said she’d even send me more if anything else goes down. Which apparently is very likely to happen.

I was told one night that Mary and the security gal saw an orb fly through the lobby and into Mary’s stomach. I didn’t ask if it was on camera or they actually saw it with their eyes. They can tell me later.

Here’s the story I got from Mary that I forgot to share last time because I had forgotten some of it and wanted to get it all down.

Mary told me around 2013 there was a large group of holy rollers staying at The Hotel. There were so many people there that the ballroom they rented for the event was packed and there were still tons of people outside of it trying to get in. Mary said groups like that tend to spark the activity in The Hotel.

She said that night, the resident ghosts whispered in her ear all night, incoherently, they’d brush her arms and play with her hair, but nobody was there when she’d look around. She said she can normally handle them, but that night it was a bit much.

Since she wasn’t feeling it that night, she sent the night audit guy to do her newspaper deliveries around 4:30 in the morning. There were about 100 papers to deliver, so he took a cart to push them from floor to floor. On his first stop he didn’t need many papers, so he left the cart on the elevator and sent it down to the next floor he’d need it on, and he carried the few papers needed for that floor and the one under it with him.

When he reached the elevator, all of the papers were on the floor as if someone had pushed the whole stack off the cart. He picked up the papers, put them back on the cart, and went to the next floor. At that floor, he again took what he needed and sent the elevator with the cart on to the next floor down. When he got back to the elevator, the papers were neatly stacked on the floor with the cart on its side.

Again he picked up all of the papers, put them on the cart, and went to the most active floor. I’m guessing since she didn’t say, that it was the second floor. That time he was going to leave the cart outside of the elevator and carry the rest of the papers down the hall. Something flipped the cart over on its side and knocked all of the papers out of his hands.

She said she’s never seen the guy shaken up before, but he was that night. No doubt.

Thanks again to Mary and The Hotel! Give us more!!!

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