The Inn Pt. 11

Tonight, just one night after my bathroom experience, I stopped in to get my wife from work at around 3:30 AM. She told me about something that had happened just a couple hours before.

She was sitting at the front desk with her supervisor. The security guy was behind them in his little office. They didn’t have the music on in the lobby like they normally do. There was no activity going on with any guests anywhere, and the place was silent. The only maintenance man working at that time was at the other end of the hotel.

Near the steps that go from the lobby down to the first floor is a restaurant, and it’s closed at night. Apparently, the ghosts hanging out at this particular place like to hang out in this restaurant.

At night when everything closes down, they all have gates they close, much like stores in a mall. The one for this restaurant doesn’t come down, it has to be pulled from either wall, and the two gates meet in the middle, where they are then locked. When the gate is being opened or closed, it makes a lot of noise.

Sometimes they are left unlocked so that the night staff can get into that restaurant and get drinks. My wife told me while she was at work the other night she went over to that restaurant to get drinks, and she opened the gate big enough for her to get through. She left it that way, and headed in.

When she came back, the gate was completely closed. It wasn’t locked, but she hadn’t heard it move, and there was nobody around to shut it.

Just in front of that gate, in the lobby, is a stand where the host can seat people. This is where the phone is located that got a dead-air call from the GM’s office when my wife’s supervisor and the security guy had come up from the first floor on the steps.

Well, tonight, when everything was silent, they all heard a crash. My wife explained it as sounding like when a fresh batch of ice is made in a big ice maker and it all crashes down into the rest of the ice. She said it was loud enough to fill the lobby with its noise. Accompanying it was a man screaming, as if the noise had scared him. She said it, too, was loud. She said both noises came from that restaurant, except nobody was in there. While it’s true that restaurant has an ice machine, it’s in the back of the restaurant and it runs all night. She said there’s no way for them to hear it running or dropping new ice from the front desk. Especially as loud as they heard it.

Her supervisor and the security guy jumped up and ran over to the restaurant to check it out. Nobody was in there and nothing was out of place. They went down to the first floor and searched around the halls. They found nothing.


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