Hitler Never Went Away

I just told you a story my dad shared with me when he had to rent a room with an alien abductee, Doug.

Well, he still needed a place to stay, so his buddy hooked him up with another potential place to stay, this time an older woman by the made up name of Ada, to protect her identity.

When my dad’s buddy took him to meet Ada, she welcomed them both in and gave them wine and food. She was a German woman who spoke great English with a German accent and loved to feed guests. While my dad spent time with her that night, she told him about her life.

When she was 2 she lived in Germany and was an only child. Hitler’s soldiers rounded her and her parents up and put them in a concentration camp. She said one day all of the people were lined up against a wall, and she was standing in between her parents. Hitler walked down the line looking at them all. She remembered looking up at him standing right in front of her, and he looked down at her and smiled.

He then went to his soldiers and gave them orders. They followed those orders… they started at one end and went down the line, shooting and killing every other person in the line. She stood in between her parents as both were shot and killed.

She screamed and cried, but was dragged away by the soldiers. As she was being hauled off, she looked back at Hitler who was looking at her, and he smiled again at her.

She went to live with relatives, and eventually they had saved up enough money for her to come to America and live with her aunt and uncle here. She was 13 years old then. By 15, she had met a man who was in the air force, and 20, and they fell in love. She married him and stayed married to him all her life.

They had two daughters. One who turned out a great kid, while the other was sadly born with no arms below the elbows. She was always dark, and when she got older she decided to become a witch. She met some guy who was also into that stuff and moved with him to New York.

That daughter was also a painter. She’d either paint with her mouth holding the brush, or she would put the brush in her arm pit and hold it that way. Apparently her work was rather good. Ada showed one to my dad. He said it was mostly black with a little bit of purple in it. Ada asked him if he saw it and he said no. She turned it sideways and the purple stuck out more. It was Hitler, smiling, and his eyes looked evil.

Ada had taken that picture off the wall and thrown it away in the garbage. The next day, it was hanging on the wall in her bedroom when she woke up. Nobody was home then to put it back on her wall, unless for some reason the garbage man decided to do it.

Ada suffered from terrible dreams about Nazi’s and Hitler. Her husband finally retired from the air force but decided to continue working. He always wanted his bed sheets changed, every day, and Ada had no problem doing that for him.

Because of his career in the air force, they had moved a lot, which suited her, because she said she never felt right staying in one place for very long. After he retired and they were moving into the house she was living in when my dad went to visit her, she told her husband she wanted a huge fireplace in her bedroom. So big she could stand inside it. He gave that to her.

One night she woke up and couldn’t move. She screamed and her husband woke up beside her. He couldn’t move either. They discovered the sheets and blankets on the bed had been flipped, with the top blanket on the bottom and the bottom sheet on top, and they were all tucked firmly under the mattress, pinning them in place. The pillow covers were also on the pillows, inside out.

She looked over at the fireplace and saw three Nazi soldiers holding machine guns standing inside it looking out at her. Her husband saw them too, just before they vanished. A few weeks later, her husband died of a heart attack.

I didn’t ask if he rented a room there.


2 responses to “Hitler Never Went Away

  1. I enjoyed reading this story. Interesting that I came across it while in the process of watching Herman Wouk’s ‘War and Remembrance”. Undoubtedly there were many people who suffered similar night terrors as Ada’s after experiencing Hitler’s savagery.

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