More Lake Ghosts, And UFOs

I told you about some odd things happening at the lake where I hang out with my dad. I just spent some time with him and he told me a few stories I had forgotten about, so I thought I’d share them here. He also told me how nothing seems to happen much anymore at the lake, except things going missing all the time.

He currently lives with the old man who owns the property. My dad takes care of the man, since his own family (who lives next door) seems to not care much about him. My dad said he figured he would see all kinds of weird stuff while living there, but so far nothing much has happened, other than things going missing when they shouldn’t.

Recently, the old man had his license plate renewal stickers and updated registration come in the mail. My dad brought it in from the mailbox and set it down on the kitchen table. He told the old man about it and the old man said for my dad to put the stickers on the plates on the truck in the morning. My dad said he would. It has been a week now, and neither can find the letter with the stickers or the registration. It had never been moved, by them, from the kitchen table.

My dad said “hundreds” of times, but more like dozens most likely, is how many times the TV remotes have switched places. Both men have their own chairs in the living room, and both have tables next to the chairs. Depending on who is watching TV, or who is in charge of it, depends on who has the remotes. My dad told me those remotes, when they’re sitting on his table when he’s using them, either when the old man is gone or sleeping, my dad will go to get one and find it gone, only to discover it’s sitting on the old man’s table next to his chair. The only person who could have moved it would have been my dad, and there’s no reason he would have done that, and then forgot doing it.

Aside from that, nothing else has happened. Except last night, when my dad and I were sitting at my dads place by the lake, we both heard a car come down the driveway. My dad asked if I had heard a car and I said I had. Just after I said that, outside we heard one of the dogs take off, run up towards the driveway, and then bark once it was up there. We investigated, and nobody was there.

After that my dad told me about a few years back when he lived in Florida. There was one winter (he only went in the winter) when he had to rent a room because where he normally stayed wasn’t available for whatever reason. His buddy took him to see a guy, I’ll call him Doug to keep his identity hidden. The guy was 25 years old, and had just purchased his first house. Just after purchasing his house, he lost his job as a truck driver and was suddenly making less money working at Home Depot. He needed a roommate to make ends meet, so he met my dad and said he could rent a room.

My dad was told by Doug that if he painted the rooms inside the house, Doug would consider that a month’s rent, and being a painter by trade, my dad went off painting the house. A short while later, Doug decided it was time to tell my dad what was going on with him.

Doug was on a delivery with his semi, driving through Tennessee on North I-75, when up ahead he saw a bunch of flashing lights in the road. He began slowing down and looked at his watch, to see it was exactly 1 PM. The next thing he knew, he was standing on the side of the highway, wearing only his watch, and he was disoriented. When he realized why everyone passing him was honking, he tried to cover himself up and ran away from the highway to sit down and figure out what was going on. He couldn’t see his truck anywhere. He looked at his watch and it was exactly 1 PM.

A State Highway Patrol car pulled up and the officer got out. He didn’t ask any questions. He ran over to Doug, threw him down on the ground and handcuffed him. He tossed him in the back of the cruiser and took off down the road. That’s when Doug realized he was on South I-75.

At that part of Tennessee, driving on I-75 through the mountains, the two directions are split and can sometimes be separated by a quarter or even a half mile.

Doug kept trying to tell the officer he had no idea what was going on but the officer kept telling him to shut up. Then the officer got a call from another officer, saying they had discovered an abandoned semi on the northbound side of the highway… 17 miles away from where they were. It was Doug’s.

Doug was put in a cell until some people from his work showed up to get him out. The police had no problem releasing him, but his company fired him over the incident.

Doug told my dad that his lost memories of that day had been coming back to him since then.

When he saw the flashing lights up ahead, he started to slow his rig down in case there was an accident. One of the lights shot off into the sky, straight up in the air, and he lost track of it. Suddenly he lost control of his semi. It steered itself to the side of the road and the flashers came on, then the truck shut off.

He was taken aboard a ship where they did some tests to him, then told him they’d be back and to not tell anybody. That’s when they dropped him on the opposite side of the highway, 17 miles away, completely naked.

A few nights later, my dad was awakened at 3 in the morning by a lot of banging and commotion. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his shotgun, and went out into the house. Everything was dark except for a light coming out from under Doug’s bedroom door. My dad called in to Doug and got no response, so he kicked in the door and saw Doug’s room was a mess. All three windows were busted out, Doug was laying naked halfway out of one (this was on the second floor) and dad said all around the room there were big indents in the walls where it looked like Doug had been thrown into the walls hard enough to make a body sized impression.

Dad joked that he was pissed because he had just painted those walls, but said the next day he moved out.

He then told me another story…

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