Watching Over Us

Before I was born, my Grandmother lived in a house she bought brand new. She told me once how, before things started getting creepy with her bed sheets levitating to the ceiling and my Aunt’s boyfriend haunting the driveway, she had an occurrence where she was in the kitchen one day and some things she had hanging on the wall in there fell off of the wall. The house, nor the kitchen, shook. There was no boom. She said it was like someone knocked them off of the wall. She then later got a call and found out someone in her family had passed away at that exact time. She believed it was them letting her know they had gone.

Stories like that are not uncommon, whether it’s a friend or relative letting us know they’ve gone, or letting us know someone else is about to go. There are even stories of the spirits of someone who has come back after death to shed light on a subject. I remember once watching an Unsolved Mysteries and hearing a story about a woman who was murdered and the killer was never caught. A relative was haunted by her ghost, who told her who the killer was. When she called the cops and told them, they found the man and he admitted to the killing. The woman’s ghost never returned, her work done.

Recently, a good friend of mine shared with me his interesting, albeit terrible story. This just happened, and I just cleared the info with him and he told me to share the story here. I’m sure I’ll still get something wrong with the details, but this is what he told me.

He was really good friends with his dad. I’m the same way with mine. They would hang out a lot, they would listen to good music together, and he would be the DD for his dad when he went out drinking. Sadly, his father passed away.

Recently, my buddy decided to listen to some Christmas music, and he said when he played a certain two songs, he would smell his father in his truck, riding along with him. He later found out those two songs were his dads favorite Christmas songs.

One day while the family was together and hanging out, one of the kids was riding his bike and a picture was taken of him, on a cheapie camera phone.


The light coming down is an interesting touch, and something you can’t really plan for, especially on a cheap camera phone. But notice how the kid is split in two. Nothing else in the picture is, except for the handles on the bike that he’s holding.

Shortly after, while out playing, my buddy took a picture of his own son, this time with a much better camera phone. Still an eerie capture.


There’s some blurriness going on around the picture, but nothing like what his son is going through here. I’ve never seen anything like either picture before. Very cool, but still, kind of eerie. My buddy swears no photo manipulation went in to either picture, and I believe him. I have no reason not to.

My buddy told me at both locations when both pictures were taken, his nephew was there. Shortly after taking the second picture, my buddy was in his truck on his way to work one night and smelled his dad again. He then got a call that his nephew’s wife had lost her baby.

He hasn’t smelled his dad or felt his presence since, even after playing his favorite Christmas tunes over and over.

I’m very sorry for his loss, and his family’s loss. It’s so terrible when a loved one passes on. I’m thankful he was kind enough to share his story with me and allow me to share it with others. I definitely believe our loved ones have our backs, even after death, and this is a great story about that very thing.

My buddy’s family believes that a loved one who has passed on will come back to take another with them when it’s their time to go. They all believe that’s what happened here. And so do I.


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