The Inn Pt. 9

I spent last night at the Inn with while my wife worked. I didn’t actually stay in a room, I hung out in the lobby. I do that from time to time. It gives me a good chance to experience something strange, as I’ve posted many times before already. Last night was no different.

When we first got to the Inn, I was at the front desk talking with the other staff, because I know them all and we like to chat. I had my cell phone on the counter in front of me. At one point the screen came on, as if I had pushed the power button to light it up. I had not, obviously, even touched my phone.

At this point it was only around 9 PM, and the place was still hopping. The lobby was full of people. Finally around midnight things calmed down, almost immediately, and suddenly there was nobody there. At night, the Inn runs a skeleton crew. There’s only one maintenance man there, and he spends his time in the water park, unless he’s needed somewhere else. There’s one or two security guys, and one or two front desk people. There’s usually some housekeeping around somewhere cleaning hallways and the lobby.

I mentioned once how my wife got a creepy call at the front desk from an extension that didn’t exist, and all she got when she answered was dead air.

Last night she got another call like it. She answered and got dead air. The extension it came from was the GM’s office. Nobody was in there and the door was locked. The guy working at the front desk with my wife grabbed the security guy and went down to the first floor to check it out. They wanted to make sure nobody was messing around, breaking into offices, or whatever the case may be.

The office was empty and locked up, so they headed back up to the second floor where the main lobby and front desk are. Only a few minutes had passed from the call, and it was now 3:45 AM. As soon as they got to the top of the steps and into the lobby, a phone near where they were rang, and only that phone rang. It was from the same extension. They answered it, and it was dead air.

Who knows what they would have found if they went back down, if anything. One thing is for sure, the spirits of the Inn love phones!


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