The Warrens

When I was a kid I grew up in a haunted house, yet I was wise enough to know that not every seemingly paranormal thing that happened was actually paranormal, and I could look for a real solution to any event before writing it off as ghostly. That’s why I respect TAPS, because they do the same thing. I’ve watched MANY other paranormal and ghost hunter shows, and they’ve all come across as terrible, at least to me, because most, if not all of them, make evil demon ghost mountains out of regular non-paranormal mole hills.

When I was a kid I first experienced the original Amityville Horror. It was terrifying. My dad told me it was based off of a true story, and I grew up thinking it was all real. I even had an experience in my childhood haunted home that resembled a famous part of that movie. Except I was there, I saw it happen, and I know it actually happened. In my house, that is, not Amityville.

Then, as a teen, I discovered the haunting aspect of that house, the basis of the original book and movie, were a hoax. The guy, George Lutz, made it all up to make money and get out of bankruptcy. He was found out and served prison time because he lied about actual events to make money.

I then, years later, found out that wasn’t true. But even more recently I discovered many other people have lived in that house and none of them ever had any experiences.

I then watched a documentary called My Amityville Horror, where Danny Lutz, now a grown man, speaks about living in that house as a young boy. He comes across as sort of an asshole, which I guess given his history is to be expected, but the entire time he’s talking I feel like I’m being bullshitted. It was still an interesting watch, but it just further made me question what actually happened in that house, if anything.

Sure, there are skeptics out there who can’t just be a skeptic, and they make it their mission to disprove any and all ghost hunters. The bigger the story, the more they will try to make it sound like a lie or a hoax. And because of them, I strongly feel like all ghost hunting should be taken as seriously as possible to ensure our results are looked at honestly and with an open mind, and not ridiculed just because of the subject matter. I wrote a piece on it here, because I believe if a ghost hunter goes into it as a fun thing to do because they saw it on TV, they’re helping to hurt the practice more than help it, if they decide to go about it wrongly.

That brings up the Warrens. They’ve been in the ghost hunting business for a long time, and they’re probably the most widely known ghost hunters ever (actually that title might go to TAPS now). They were doing it long before it was mainstream, and their stories are the stuff of legend. The Amityville Horror house was a place they famously investigated.

Yet they’ve been proven to be liars, their findings at their investigations hoaxes. And that doesn’t help the legitimacy of the ghost hunting community at all, and of course we all know how I feel about that. Never mind that before I heard they were proven as liars, every time I saw them in interviews they came across, at least to me, as completely full of themselves and full of crap.

Now, I’ve seen The Conjuring and I loved it. I plan to see Annabelle and the sequel to The Conjuring when they come out. But, I’ll enjoy them as tales of fiction, because at this point I can’t believe anything revolving around the Warrens was real, even if there happens to be some truth to their stories.

An article posted by Cracked helped to solidify that feeling. Over the years I’ve heard many different takes on both the Warrens and the Amityville Horror, so much so that I’m kind of wore out on both. I don’t care anymore, but I can’t look at either as real or truth, because there’s too much to the contrary.

2 responses to “The Warrens

  1. In my early very very naive days on Facebook i had both Warrens as friends – can’t remember clearly, but think they asked me for add, when i started associating with the “right people” on FB in the para community. Was dubious from start reading description “Demonologists”. I judge folks as individuals and not their beliefs (other than when really extreme). Naturally one big “fib” or exaggeration tends to make people discount everything else someone says. Having said that some of these haunted doll cases are pretty compelling and been investigated before Warrens on scene. Keep up the blog. Maybe not earth shattering happenings, but as a repeat experiencer, and seemingly magnet for the weird (cos am meself!) that’s how things are – small mundane, but totally convincing and usually inexplicable.

    • Sure, they’re not 100% liars, some of the things they come up with are legit. But I think the fact that they’ve made a great living beefing up these stories for their own benefit is terrible. They hold dinners with Lorraine for $109 a pop, just to talk to her about her life. I bet they serve pizza. I don’t know, I really don’t. I just hear and read so much contradicting stuff, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. You definitely hit the nail on the head, the real stuff is always the small but impossible to explain away stuff that keeps you guessing. I love it all. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely be keeping this up! And if you’ve got any interesting stories, I’d love to hear them!

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