Burrito Ghosts

Last night at work I got a call from an employee of a burrito restaurant just a few shops down the strip from my pizza place. She asked if any of us had jumper cables cause she needed a jump. I told her I did and I would be right out. While I was hooking up the cables, she was on the phone with her head boss. There were two other employees there.

I overheard the lady tell her boss that the alarm had gone off, so I was concerned. The pizza place I work for and that burrito place have a pretty good relationship, and we’re always hooking each other up with free food, or trading food. Also, after 8 PM the rest of the plaza is shut down and we’re the last two places open. So we kind of watch out for one another. In between our shops is a vitamin/supplement shop and a few months ago they were robbed. So when she said the alarm went off, I had to ask what was going on. One of the two guys there told me the night before at 1:14 AM the manager’s code on the alarm system had been changed.

The security cameras were checked and nobody had been in the store at the time. Apparently the code was changed from inside the store.

I gave the guy a look and he said that they experience that stuff all the time, including seeing shadow people and getting touched. So I said, “Oh, you’re place is haunted too?” Then I had to tell them about my experiences in the pizza place and they said they hear people talking all the time.

In one instance, one employee had gone in at 9 AM to start her morning prep work. Their store doesn’t open until 10 or 11 AM. She was in the back when she heard the front door chime go off, the typical electric “ding dong” that most places have. She thought it was strange because she had locked the front door when she went in, but figured maybe it was her boss or another employee, even though she hadn’t heard the door open or close. Despite that, she called out, “Good morning!” and she heard someone from the front of the store say it back to her. She walked out and asked what she could do for them, only to discover she was still alone in the store. She checked the front door and it was still locked.

The guy told me they hear stuff all the time and always check the security cameras and they never see anything. Except the occasional shadow person, of course.

So we spoke about how it would be possible for every store in that strip mall to be haunted, considering all of the stores are only separated by walls, and as we all know, ghosts can go through those.

The other guy asked if there was a way to check what that property was before it was that strip mall and we discussed looking that info up and how I have to do that for some places of my own past. With the car started, we wrapped things up and went our own ways. But I plan on talking to them later to see if I can get some more stories of the place!


2 responses to “Burrito Ghosts

  1. That made me laugh about the walls, nope they don’t stop ghosts! Keen to hear more about their place too!

    • LOL Yeah, I definitely want to know more, considering I might have to deal with that stuff too one day. I haven’t experienced much at my work, but to be fair, my work is extremely loud inside. So there may be more going on, I just don’t know it.

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