The Hotel Pt. 1

I’m assuming I’m going to have more stories about this place, and I hope I do. Because of my current job, I deliver pizza to a lot of hotels, just like The Inn, and some of them I see a lot, again, just like The Inn. One in particular, which I’ve been asked to not name, I go to all the time. So much so, in fact, that I know the staff fairly well, and one of them in particular I would even consider a friend. She’s the one who filled me in on the good stuff, but here’s how I found this particular place to be haunted. I’ll call her Mary, because she doesn’t want to be named either and Mary is the first thing that popped in my head.

One night on a delivery I stopped by the front desk and saw a younger man working. I don’t know his name, as he’s fairly new and I never bothered reading his name tag. He was speaking with a new security officer, a younger girl, and she mentioned how the place was haunted. Of course this intrigued me, so I joined the conversation.

She told me how every time she goes up the back elevator to the second floor, she always feels creeped out, and how she always feels a gust of wind hit her just as she steps off of the elevator. She said she’s searched and found no vents or windows or anything that could be causing it. For some reason I feel like I’ve told this story here before, but now I can’t find it. Anyway…

I then told her and the boy at the desk how another driver who works with me constantly feels creeped out if he has to go to the second floor, and one hall on it in particular he absolutely hates walking down and sometimes runs down it just to get out of it. He, by the way, hates ghosts.

The boy then told me he was once touched on the shoulder by something, but when he turned around nothing was there. He then told me to talk to Mary as she has worked there for a while and has a ton of stories.

Ironically, as much as I go there and see her, after he told me to talk to her about it I didn’t go back for a few weeks, and when I did go I didn’t see her. Finally, tonight, I saw her and talked to her for a moment about it.

She told me the second floor is very active, so I guess my driver buddy was right in feeling creeped out there! In his defense, he had told me once that he seems to know a place is haunted just by being there, whether he experiences anything or not. He could be a useful asset to a ghost hunter, but he would never…

She told me she’s seen a full body apparition twice, the same old lady, in the same spot. She’s not the only one who has seen her, but the last time she did was about four years ago. She said the woman always looks the same, short, elderly, gray hair, glasses and a pearl necklace. She said that doesn’t change, but apparently her clothing does. The two times she’s seen her she’s had on the same thing, off-white slippers, blue bell-bottomed casual pants, and a pink top. She walks very slow and appears to be caught in the 60s. Others report different clothes, but the same old lady in the same spot, shuffling along.

The younger security girl was there and told me she was left a gift one night. She went to the second floor bathroom, which is near where the old lady is seen. When she came out, there was a My Little Pony doll on the floor in front of the bathroom door. Mary hadn’t left it there. Certainly a guest could have, in the middle of the night. But Mary said they had never seen it before, so it wasn’t something from the lost and found.

Mary also said a man hung himself in a bathroom in one of the rooms, located on the second floor, in the hall that my buddy hates. Whether he’s helping to haunt the place, nobody knows for sure.

Mary has also been touched. She said it happened all night one night, like someone was lightly brushing their fingers up and down her back. Her, the security girl, and the younger guy at the front desk all said they’ve felt something or someone breathing on their neck, multiple times. The security girl said she even sees her hair blowing from it.

I told Mary I’d love to come up some night and just walk around, maybe do some recording. Maybe she’ll let me. Until then, I hope I see her again soon to get more stories, or she emails me some! The place sounds awesome. Now if only I can have an experience there…


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