The Ghost Truck

Yesterday on my regular blog, I followed a Daily Post prompt and wrote about getting lost while driving. In that piece I brought up one of the cool things that happened to me when I used to go driving around all night with my buddy, and here’s that story in full form.

We were out late one night, as per usual, just driving around. Most of the time we had no goal other than to have a good time. Just driving around, all over the place, always gave us that good time. But sometimes we would have a mission, and on this particular night we had one.

My buddy was in the market for a new chainsaw. At the time he was working as a tree guy, cutting down peoples trees for good money. I can’t remember what I was doing at the time, probably nothing good or worth talking about.

Since he wanted a chainsaw, he did his research, as he does with everything, and he decided he wanted a Stihl. He also located all of the official stores that sold those particular saws and he wanted to go to those closest to where we lived to see what their business hours were.

We stopped by a couple of places and then made our way out to the last one on the list, which was also the farthest one he wanted to check out. It’s an awesome place called Baker Hardware on 129 in Okeana, OH. I’ve only been in there a couple of times, but it’s a true transformer. More than meets the eye. It looks tiny from the outside, but once you go in it’s huge. And they have EVERYTHING.

We made our way out there. It was a quiet night, and 129 was void of any traffic, except for us. We found Baker’s and he checked their hours of operation. Then we left and decided to just continue driving around instead of heading back the way we had come.

Now, a little about where we were. A few miles west on 129 is a fork in the road with 126, and if you turn on 126 you go back towards Ross, OH, and near where we lived at the time. Just a hop, skip, and a jump past 126 is State Line Road, which runs along the border of Ohio and Indiana.


When we pulled out of Baker’s lot and started towards 126, we saw headlights behind us. They were so far back that the lights appeared as one light. My buddy was driving and he got us up to speed. The roads out there are country roads, and they’re fast, so we were going as fast as the law would allow, maybe faster. Yet we watched as the headlights got closer and closer to us, until the vehicle was right behind us. They had to be flying to get to us as quickly as they did.

Scared that it might be cops, my buddy kept our speed right around the speed limit, yet the vehicle behind us stayed right on our ass until we got to the stop sign at 126. In that intersection is a bright street light, lighting up everything. We pulled through the stop sign and decided to let the guy by us, so my buddy turned onto State Line Road.

State Line starts up a small hill with houses on both sides of the road and at the top of the hill it flattens out and turns to fields and more country. As we started up the hill, we both looked behind us and saw the vehicle turn onto the road behind us, illuminated greatly by the street light in the intersection. It was an older, beat up, faded red F-150.

Since they turned onto the road with us, and since we wanted them to pass us, my buddy pulled into a driveway and waited for them to pass us so we could back out, go back to what was then 252, and continue driving around. As we pulled into the driveway I believe one of us even said, “I hope they’re not coming here.”

When we pulled into the driveway we both looked around to watch them drive by us, only they never did. They were gone. We backed out of the driveway and drove back down the hill slowly, looking in all of the driveways. There were no tail lights, no brake lights, no F-150s. Nobody was even out on their porch. It was as dead as it could be, pardon the pun.

Now, that truck could have easily turned around and drove off on 252, 126 or 129 and we wouldn’t have seen it happen. But the next thing that happened is what really got us.

We stopped at 252 and looked around. There was no traffic, so we pulled out and headed back the way we had come. There was a dog, who had not been there previously, standing in the middle of the lane we were in, and it was looking back our way. It was completely lit up by the street light. My buddy slowly drove around the dog, and as we passed it I watched it from my window. Not once did it bother to look at us. It just kept focus on the area around where we had come from, where we had last seen the truck.

We decided to go back up 126 towards home, and as long as I could see him, I watched that dog, and it never moved or looked anywhere else.

I don’t know if that truck was a ghost or not. It probably wasn’t, except I have no idea where it went. I’ve been out that way many times over the years and that’s the only time I’ve ever had that happen.

On our way back on 126 we got close to where Fernald used to be. Actually back then it was still there. Fernald was a nuclear weapons plant that sent out radioactive dust around the area, messing farm land and residents up. Unrelated, there was also a UFO sighting there a few years back by Fernald security guards.

As we got close to Fernald on 126, also a fast road, we were disgusted to see what looked like a deer had exploded while standing in the road. I can only imagine a semi traveling 100 MPH hit the deer. The two lane road was completely red from blood for about 20 yards or more. On one side of the road we could see what looked like most of one half of the deer. Most of the other half was on the other side of the road. It was terrible.

So yeah, that was that. We had some fun driving around, but that was one of the nights I’ll never forget.

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