Local Urban Legends: Oxford Ghost Light

In Oxford, OH, right down the road from Miami University, is an age old legend about a ghost motorcyclist who rides up and down the road. For a few of the stories about its history, Creepy Cincinnati has them all laid out. You can also check out this Google search, that comes up with Youtube videos of people doing this, as well as others tales of when they went.

The story I was told was, a man had gone off to fight in a war and when he came home he rode his motorcycle over to his girlfriends house to surprise her, only to find her with another man. Upset, he rode his motorcycle away from her house, speeding down the road at night in the rain, and he ran off the road, killing himself.

Now, if you park in a particular spot at the top of one of the hills on the road, and you face a certain way, and you turn your car off and flash your headlights three times, he’s supposed to come riding towards you. You’re supposed to see only the headlight from his motorcycle riding over one hill, then the next, then the next, then disappearing as it gets to you. The light from his headlight is supposed to be very bright but not reflect or shine off of anything.

Great story! That’s the stuff urban legends are made of! Now, here’s what happened the first time when I actually saw it.

I was 18. I was dating a girl, and her older brother had gotten me a job where he worked. One day we were standing around talking and he told me about the ghost light. I had never heard of it before, and since Oxford was just under an hour away from me I thought it would be awesome to check it out. I pestered him and pestered him all day until finally he gave in. He said to me something like, “I haven’t been out in a while, I’ll have to call my buddy to get directions.” Yet earlier he told me he used to go out with his buddies all the time and he had been out there hundreds of times. Since he took me my first time 16 years ago, I’ve been MAYBE 5 times, the last being about 14 years ago. I can still find it, as it’s not hard to find. Yet at the time, I didn’t catch what he had said and thought nothing of it.

A few days went by and every now and then I’d bring it up. Finally he said he had got in touch with his buddy and “everything was set up.” I didn’t catch that either.

We planned a night where he and his girlfriend drove me and my girlfriend, his sister, out there to see this light. We drove to the spot and past it once, he never said why and only now do I know why. We circled around and went back to that spot and stopped. He shut the engine off. It was in the summer and just about dusk.

Oh, when we drove past it the first time, we went down the road to an intersection. On the corner is a house and we saw a guy talking to another guy there. The one guy had his dirt bike out. That’s when we then circled around and went back to the spot. I may have missed all the clues up to then, but when I saw the guy there I thought it was a little suspicious.

We flashed our lights three times, then three times again. By the third or fourth time we did it, we saw the light coming up over the hills towards us. He must have cut his engine and cruised over the last hill, because I don’t recall ever hearing anything. But after it was over, we drove off and called it a night. A few months later, my relationship with that girl ended and I quit that job, never to see either of them again. It had nothing to do with that night lol.

I had gone back several times, as I said earlier, and none of those times did I ever see the light again. However, here’s something that did happen.

Two years later I was dating a different girl and thought I’d take her out there to try the light again. As we got close to the spot where we had to stop, a car passed us going the other way. Because I didn’t want any trouble and didn’t want to look suspicious (ANY car on that road near or at night is suspicious, FYI) I just kept driving. My plan was to circle around and go back, but before I could, another car passed us. That time it was a Sheriff.

I never stopped, but in my rear view I could see the Sheriff turn around way behind me. Once he got turned around he floored it and quickly caught up to me. He followed me down the road for quite some time, right on my bumper, and then pulled me over.

He asked me if I knew the people in that other car, the first one that passed us. I said I did not. He asked me if I had any weapons in my back seat or trunk. I said I did not. He asked me what I was doing out there and I told him I was just out for a drive with my girlfriend and I was showing her some places I liked to drive around, and that I was familiar with the area because I had family that lived out there, which is all true, I just happened to leave out the ghost motorcycle part.

He then asked me who my family was and where they lived. I made up some name but told him the right towns. I didn’t want to give him my real family members names because honestly, they were probably wanted for something, just not what he was looking for that night.

He then asked me if I was out there looking for the ghost light. I played dumb and said I had never heard about that. He then told me there were people who would hide in the foliage on the side of the road and wait for college kids to go out and turn off their cars looking for the ghost light, then they would jump out of the foliage and rob the kids at gun point. I told him that was a shame, and continued to play dumb.

He went off to check my license and registration and was gone for quite some time. Eventually he came back and told me “the real reason I pulled you over…” was my license plate light was out. “It’s a seventy-five cent fix or a seventy-five dollar ticket.” He suggested I get it fixed and let me go, but not before telling me he never wanted to see me in Oxford again. Seriously. He kept me there for 45 minutes over a license plate light being out, and because of my light being out he never wanted to see me in Oxford again.

Now that I think about it, he probably unscrewed my license plate light, because OH YEAH, when I got to an Auto Zone that night to get a bulb, I discovered my light fixture had been unscrewed and it fell behind my license plate and bumper, making it look like the light was out.

So, with that said… if you plan on going out, don’t. It’s not worth it. Whether you get robbed by some jerk on the side of the road, or the cops pull you over and harass you for almost an hour, it’s not worth it. Besides, the light is just a guy on a dirt bike, and I don’t even know how to get in touch with him to have him show up for you and your friends. Never mind that the people who live on that road, I’m sure, are sick of people doing this crap right in front of their house and probably have no problem calling the cops. Just don’t do it.


One response to “Local Urban Legends: Oxford Ghost Light

  1. On Thanksgiving last year I was coming home with my family because we live about ten miles from Oxford on the other side.Well my dad started telling me, my sister, cousin and one of my friends about the light. Not to long after we saw the light and right before the spot he turned around in the road and we watched the tail light go the other direction.
    There wasn’t​ a car around and the air got cold around us on the unusually warm fall night as well as all of us felt our hair raise like something was there.
    It was scary for even a paranormal investigator like me and I don’t want to see it again.

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