Paranoia…or haunting? You be the judge!!

Creepy old buildings at night! I love them! I want to buy one just so I can hang out in it at night. So maybe this light is just being a light, or maybe there’s something more. Hopefully, for the sake of those of us who enjoy the paranormal, more will happen!

That's What Ron Said...

Lately my genre of reading has been leaning towards the supernatural. This is not actually new for me, as I love horror–books, movies, and stories. I especially like psychological horror–anything that deals with the mind or psyche is a winner in my book. Especially if it is based on reality or is made well enough that you believe something like that could really happen.  I always have. I have always been fascinated with the macabre. Once upon a time in my 20’s, I got completely addicted to serial killers. I read about them, I researched them, I watched any and every movie about them that I could get my hands on….. for about 18 months, I was absorbed and fascinated–wanting to get into their minds to understand why they think how they think and do what they do. The fact that a lot of serial murderers have been abused and/or…

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