What’s Haunted?

I know there aren’t many who follow this blog, and that’s fine, but I’m opening this particular post up for discussion. I recently saw something on TV, I believe it was about the Amityville Horror house, where some “expert” said places weren’t haunted, people were.

Do you believe that? If not, what do you believe?

Personally, I think that’s a load of crap. I’m not even going to get into what he could have meant outside of his literal meaning. As far as ghosts are concerned, do you think places can be haunted, or people? Both? Neither? I guess if you’re a skeptic you’re probably not reading this blog.

I think places are haunted, obviously. I also think people can be haunted and that ghosts or spirits or even darker entities can follow them around from place to place. But to say a location isn’t haunted is ridiculous. So if places aren’t haunted and only people are, then of the 20+ places I’ve lived in my life, why did I only experience things in a select few of those places? And when I experienced things in those few places, why were they all different things I experienced? My ghosts were just changing things up to keep me on my toes? Hardly.

If places aren’t haunted, then why are there famous, “most haunted places in the world” or “most haunted places in America?” And why do those places continue to have the same events happen in them as witnessed by many different people over long periods of time? So all of those people who witnessed the same things happening in one location were all haunted by the same ghosts?

I don’t buy it. Absolutely a place can be haunted. This earth is full of energy of all different kinds. It runs through everything, living or non. That energy can be used by anything, living or non.

So, what do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.


2 responses to “What’s Haunted?

  1. If you want to say that some “hauntings” are caused by “spirit people” and some are energy imprints of tragic events experienced by “people” then he would have a point. Too often people forget when they go into a location with activity that spirits are people too, just like us.

    • Absolutely. I think religion and the idea of ghosts as a “thing” by those who are out to hunt as an activity because they saw it on TV have ruined the fact that as you said, they are people too. Or were. Thanks for weighing in.

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