All That Noise

My wife’s aunt and cousin live in an apartment building. Their apartment is where the youngest boy, Ayden, sees a man in the kitchen and one spinning his picture around on the wall.

In the apartment directly above theirs is where my wife’s mom lives, and she lives alone. Tonight she told us that any given time she’s in bed she can feel someone or something rub her cheek or play with her very long hair. She also said she sees white mists floating through her place.

One day the aunt and cousin where at home and heard her banging around above them. They were scared, thinking maybe she had fallen or something, so they called her to ask what all the banging was about. She said she wasn’t even home and nobody was up there. They claim they hear it all the time, where it sounds like people are stomping on the floor, or there’s a party going on, or there are people having conversations up there. All while she isn’t home.

While we were speaking about it and the paranormal in general, my wife’s aunt couldn’t believe how there could be skeptics, especially when children see the things they do. Sure they can have vivid imaginations, but there are times when you know they’re not lying.

For instance, another of my wife’s cousins has a young son, and one day last year they were out driving. He asked his mom if she could give him some gloves to give the man across the street on the corner, because he was cold. She looked at the corner and saw nobody there, and she told him that. He said there was indeed a man there and he was cold because he was dead.

I’ve said it before, there is nothing out there that will change the mind of any skeptic. I just found out I work with one, and I didn’t even bother to say what I believe. I only said that everyone has their own opinion on the subject. He hasn’t brought it up to me since. Eh. I don’t need to change his mind, but when a child is serious about seeing something to the point that it scares them, I believe them, and have a hard time believing someone else wouldn’t.


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