Local Urban Legends: Lick Road/Amy

I haven’t been to Lick Road in a long time. I used to only go for the legend, and this is what I had been told by people about it.

It’s a dead end road, but apparently it used to not be. There also used to be a train that crossed that road. The last time I was out there you could still barely see a rail road crossing sign painted on the road, which I always thought was cool since the road doesn’t continue and there’s no tracks anywhere.

What I was told was, many years ago when the road went through and the train intersected it, a woman named Amy was getting ready for her wedding. She was running late, so she was in a hurry. She drove up Lick Road quickly, but just as she came to the train tracks she was hit by a deer and her car spun out of control. It stopped spinning on the tracks, and Amy was knocked unconscious. She came-to just as she heard a train coming. She couldn’t get her car started in time and the train hit the car, killing Amy.

As sad as that is, it’s an urban legend, so chances are it never happened. I don’t know if anybody has ever actually looked into this to see if it really did happen, but despite it being an urban legend, the people around the area know of it and Amy. For many years her name was spray painted on road signs both on Lick Road and on Kemper Road, the road that Lick is off of, and I want to say there were 5 in total that had her name on it. In recent years all of the signs have been replaced. I remember my friends and I all believing her name was a ghostly reminder, because as you would pass the signs the name would vanish from them. It was just a matter of lighting and angles, but it was creepy.

I was told that if you go out to the end of Lick Road and turn your car so that you are facing back towards Kemper, and you flash your lights three times, she’ll appear. I tried that many times and never saw a thing.

However, one day I was told by a friend’s sister that she heard you had to flash your lights once, then three times, then repeat, once then three times. She said if it works, you go through what Amy did. You hear the hooves of a deer alongside your car, then your car jars as if it was hit. Then you hear a train coming, your car shakes a bunch, and then it all stops. Amy then appears and asks you for a ride to the church where she’s to be married. Apparently you have to give her a ride, or bad things happen.

Well, after hearing this we decided to go give it a try. I parked, shut off the engine, and flashed. Once, then three times. After a few minutes of flashing my headlights, I heard what sounded like hooves on the road next to my car. In the dark I couldn’t see much, but I could see enough that there was no deer visible. I do swear that I heard the hooves on pavement, though.

The car didn’t shake or jar or anything, but shortly after the hooves I heard what sounded like an old whistle, one that might belong to a train. My friend’s sister got scared and said she wanted to go, so we left.

I don’t know what I heard, but I still have yet to see Amy. I went back a few more times after that and tried her method, but never even got the hooves or the whistle.

Should you decide to go, remember, there are people who live on that road, but not many. Sometimes they get suspicious of cars traveling on their street and they will call the cops. Never mind them calling, the cops patrol the area regularly. Since this is a popular spot, you might run into a bunch of other people out there trying to see Amy, too. Don’t vandalize anything if you go, be respectful.

For another take and more info on this story, check out Creepy Cincinnati! (They looked into it and Amy most likely didn’t really exist.)

From I-275 you can take either the Hamilton Avenue or the Colerain Avenue exits, and head north.
From Colerain, turn right on Kemper. Lick Road will be on your left a few miles up the road.
From Hamilton, turn left on Kemper (there is a UDF on the corner). Lick will be a few miles up the road on the right.

Click for bigger image.

Click for bigger image.


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