Haunted Places: Poveglia Island

This one was new to me, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before now. It looks like such an awesome place! I know there are a few places around the world that are supposed to be so haunted that some people have a hard time visiting them, and I probably would have a hard time here too. But I’d love to, it looks so cool!


So what is Poveglia Island? It’s one of many islands near Venice, Italy. It has a terrible history, full of plagues, insanity, and death. I found a lot of interesting stuff on it at Slightly Warped, including how the Italian government shut down tourism there because of how haunted the place is. Apparently waves crashing along the island also wash up charred bones all the time. Those bones could be from people who were around in the Roman era! Over 100,000 people are guessed to be “buried” there.


An insane asylum was built there, and it still stands there, and apparently the doctor who ran the place fell to his death from the bell tower, and he’s now buried inside the walls.

Regardless if that’s true or not, the island is labeled one of the most haunted places in the world, and the ground is supposedly sticky and ashy, from all of the bodies that had been burned there over the centuries.

An episode of Ghost Adventures was done there. While I never really got into that show (sometimes the stuff they find seems questionable, in my opinion) I might have to give this one a watch. You can too here!


While looking up more info on the place, I discovered that not only is tourism still allowed there, Italy is auctioning off the island to the highest bidder, and that is supposed to happen this month!

Oh man, I’d love to live there! Ok, maybe not. But I would like to visit it. It’s just a little too far away for me.


6 responses to “Haunted Places: Poveglia Island

  1. WOW – I’ve seen this place on television and I’ve read about it. Would love to explore! XOXO – Bacon

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