Local Urban Legends: New Miami Barn

There is a story about a barn in New Miami that goes something like this…

There was a farm, many years ago, where a small family lived. Husband, wife and daughter. Not many kids for a farm, eh? Well, the father was apparently a drunk and abusive man, and he regularly beat his wife and daughter.

One night he decided he was going to beat on the mom and in a drunken rage he killed her in the kitchen. The daughter, hiding through this, ran to her mother as she lay dying on the kitchen floor after the father left the room.

The mother died in her arms, and the daughter then heard the father coming back, so she ran into the barn. Scared for her life, she apparently wrote “Help me!” on the wall of the barn in her mothers blood. The father found her and killed her in the barn.

The townspeople found out about this and wanted to rid themselves of the drunken, abusive man, and formed a posse. They went to his house and burned it down with him in it when he refused to come out. He had then apparently died in the fire as the house collapsed around him.

I’m not entirely sure where this is supposed to be located, other than it’s in New Miami. Years ago I was out driving with friends and discovered a creepy barn that was falling in next to a pile of rubble that looked as if a small house had once stood there. We decided that was the location for it.

Because this is on private property in the middle of corn fields, we never stopped to have a look. Until one day when I absolutely decided I had to check it out. I stopped by the only house I found near it and went to the door to ask for permission to be on the property. I caught several women having a good time in their kitchen. It appeared to be three generations of that family, a grandmother, mother and two or three daughters who looked to be just younger than I was at the time.

The mother told me it was called the Hatchetman Barn. I asked why and she said if you go there the Hatchetman will come and “GET YOU!” We laughed, but she then told me it wasn’t her family’s property but she didn’t see why it would be a problem for me to check it out.

I lied and told her my mother was a fan of barns of all types and I wanted to get pictures of it for her. My mother IS a fan of barns, but that wasn’t why I wanted pictures, obviously.

So I went to the barn, parked my car just off of the road in the corn field, which hadn’t begun to grow yet for that year, and I went inside.

There wasn’t much inside to it. It was a small barn, the woman told me it was used for housing pigs, and not many at that. There were only about 4 or 5 stalls where the pigs would have been kept, and a loft which I didn’t go to.

The entire time I was there I felt creeped out. It felt as if I were being watched. Coupled with the fact that there were thick woods behind the barn that I couldn’t see in to, I got a bit too creeped out and left. I would love to go back sometime, just to see if it’s still standing, and maybe also to do some EVP work and get more pictures. The pictures I did take then didn’t turn out so well.

Should I ever happen to go back I’ll post it here. I believe this “Hatchetman Barn” is on Wehr Road. If you turn onto it off of Morganthaler, you’ll come to the first sharp right turn. When you get to that turn, look to your left and you should see the barn sitting just a few yards off the road. Remember, this is private property. Don’t be disrespectful.


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