The Inn Pt. 7

My wife just told me of something that happened to her last night at work.

She was at the front desk and heard a little boy scream for help. She said it was rather loud and it scared her because she thought some kid was really in trouble. It came from the direction of one of the stores off of the lobby, and there was a lady there opening up the store. My wife asked her if she heard it and she had not. There were also guests in the lobby who also said they hadn’t heard it. The security guy had been right around the area and had not heard it, but ran off to check it out and found nothing. Maybe the boy from the top of the Eiffel Tower at King’s Island nearby?

My wife asked the lady from the shop if she had ever experienced anything strange there and a few months back she had gone in to open the shop and found a big puddle of water on the floor. When maintenance checked it out they discovered there was no place for the water to have come from, apparently on its own, over night when nobody else was in the store.

Water is a big part of this Inn. I told the story here a while back of when one room’s bathtub overflowed and flooded the bathroom so much it flooded into the basement of the Inn, and nobody had been in that room that night. Strange!

Also a follow up to the last story I posted here. The door that me and a manager watched open by itself has been debunked. Apparently if it isn’t shut all the way it will open on its own at any given point. Good to know!


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