Ghost Hunting Gear

Hey folks, as some of you might know (I posted it here somewhere) I used to be in a ghost hunting group. We weren’t big and we didn’t have a ton of fancy equipment. And that was because equipment was expensive. It still is.

There are some places you can go to buy equipment, one place locally that I know of (if it’s still around) and many places online where you can order stuff. But, as I said, it’s all expensive.

Well recently (cause I’m always late in finding this stuff out), I discovered that Jason Hawes of TAPS/Ghost Hunters fame got together with Fuzzywhite Technology and has developed an app for your iPhone/Smartphone that can help cut the cost of gear while also offering several helpful services at the same time.

From the Google Play store description:

The TAPSAPP is designed by Fuzzywhite Technology and Jason Hawes, author, real-life paranormal investigator and the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Jason and the team’s main goal is to remove the cost factor that is associated with investigating the field of paranormal and to create a device that can be used by intermediate and advanced investigators. The app is being used by Jason and his team on current episodes of his top rated TV show. The app contains a functioning ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) detector, a Geophone to sense the slightest vibrations, and a digital recorder for capturing Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). These instruments existing within the same device , allows data to be analyzed based on a shared timeline. There’s a detailed help section that provides instruction on using the application and tips on good investigative techniques.

Sounds cool, and at only $4.99, extremely inexpensive, especially considering what old school equipment can cost.

Now, I haven’t used this product but I plan on purchasing it soon. I can’t speak on how well it works or if it works at all, but apparently they’re using it on new episodes of Ghost Hunters during investigations, so it must work pretty well. I guess it depends on how good your phone is.

While what they offer is awesome, especially if it works, it would be nice if you could also use the phone as a camera/camcorder while using the app’s other features. But I guess that would just put too much awesome into one app and your phone would probably explode.

Anyway, if you’re a ghost hunter and you haven’t heard of this yet, check it out. Links to get the app are on this page, along with further explanations as to what it does and how it works.


3 responses to “Ghost Hunting Gear

  1. Thanks so much for this great post! The TAPS app is getting an overhaul as we speak! Mobile apps always benefit from enhancements and additional features and this is what we are working on currently. Stay tuned to our social media sights at @fuzzywhitetech for details and for the people that have already downloaded the app, enjoy using this paranormal toolkit and look for the app updates in the app stores soon.
    Kim ~Fuzzywhite Technology

    • I’m glad it’s going to be updated and “double checked” for accuracy! This is something that I can’t wait to be able to use in the field. I haven’t been ghost hunting in a long time and I’m way overdue, and having something to use in those investigations would be awesome! Thanks for reading my little blog!

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