My Old Job

So here’s a story I haven’t shared yet. Guess I’m trying to forget about the place!

My wife and I used to work together at a call center. We sold mostly the products made by the company we worked for (I won’t say which one) but we also sold other products from other companies. When I first started my wife had already been there for quite some time.

Eventually we decided to switch to third shift because the company needed the spots filled and we were willing. Plus, less to do and we got to work with few others. It was nice, relaxing, and we got paid to do it.

Before we signed up for permanent third shift we decided to give it a try to see if we would like it, and we worked over night during one of the holidays, I think it was New Year’s Eve. It was just before that shift when I was told the building was haunted.

I didn’t think much of it, because I hear that about almost every building. But that night my wife and I were working with one other employee and some things happened that made me rethink it.

After that night we started working third shift full time and I kept experiencing those things. I’d see the few other employees working those nights react to them as well, so I know I wasn’t the only one. We’d just shake our heads and laugh it off.

What we experienced was this… in the call center there were maybe a hundred cubicles with their own computers and swivel chairs. Just sitting at a cubicle you could see all around the room. And that’s all it was, one big room. There was a white noise machine that went constantly, but if that hadn’t been on you could probably have a conversation with someone across the giant room because of the acoustics. When someone plopped down in a chair, you could hear it.

So we’d hear someone plop down in a chair and we’d turn to look and see who had come in to work. Nobody would be there. Every now and then you could just catch one of the chairs move a bit as if it were just finishing up a spin.

We would also hear people walking. The floor everything sat on was raised up a few inches so that all of the computer wires could run underneath the floor. And the floor creaked. Sometimes while walking on it, it sounded like a board was slamming down on another board where it wasn’t nailed down properly. We would hear that noise all the time too.

The biggest noise we would hear all the time which got everyone turning around to look was the employee entrance. When someone came in through those doors it was quiet until the doors closed. They slammed shut and you could hear it all over the giant call center room. We would hear that happen constantly, but nobody would have come in.

Despite all of that happening, which I passed off as regular building noises, something happened to me one night that changed my mind completely.

I had gone to the bathroom, and the bathroom (at least for the guys, I never went in the womens bathroom) was nice. It was probably the nicest looking room in the building. I’m not sure why that is. But I went in and I was the only one in there. There were 4 or 5 urinals and I think 4 stalls that all had working doors. I always used the last stall, which meant I had to walk through the entire bathroom to get to it, passing all of the other toilets. When I went in, nobody was in there other than me. And that night, there was only one other guy and my wife working with me. Nobody else was in the building.

I did my business, and while I was doing it I heard nobody else come in. Once I was finished I left the stall and went to the sink to wash my hands. The counter with the sinks was on the wall opposite the toilets and there were 4 or 5 sinks on the counter. There was also a mirror on the wall at every sink.

As I walked to the sink I noticed all of the stall doors were open and there still wasn’t anybody else in the bathroom with me. I got to the sink, which for some reason I always used the first sink which would have been in front of the first stall, not the last one which is the one I used. I looked down at my hands while I was washing them and I heard one of the stall doors slam shut. I jumped and looked up at the mirror and I could see the door opening again, bouncing back from the force of being slammed shut.

The air conditioning or whatever was running had been on the entire time. I had also never had that happen to me before. And if the ventilation was what caused it, why didn’t it keep happening while I was in there that time? Or any other time?

I now have to agree that the building is haunted.


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