The Inn Pt. 6

I hate to use up an entire post just for this story, but it happened just the other night and I witnessed it.

There are plenty of rational explanations for this, but as with any of the stories I’ve shared here, who knows?

I was at the Inn the other night standing at the front desk talking with one of the managers. She was looking at the computer in front of her, checking out some end of the day stuff, as one of the front desk folks was about to leave for the day. While she was looking at the monitor, the drawer next to her opened completely, and I watched it happen.

It didn’t open fast or slow, it really looked as if someone opened it. She calmly mentioned how creepy it was and then said she wanted to check the security tape. She closed the door and walked off, still talking about how creepy it was.

Later I told my wife what had happened and she said those drawers aren’t easy to open, and they most certainly don’t open by themselves.


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