The Inn Pt. 5

A few nights ago my wife told me she received a call around 2 in the morning from a guest complaining about noise. Apparently in the room next to theirs the TV’s had come on and the volume was very loud and it was hard for her family to sleep.

Security was sent to that room to tell them to keep it down. Regulations made the security guy knock several times, and nobody answered, so he announced loudly, because he could hear the TV on in the hall, that he was entering the room.

When he entered he noticed the room was a complete mess. The dressings on the beds were thrown all over the room and he said it looked to him as if housekeeping had started to clean the room and left halfway through it. Both TVs in the room were on and up as loud as they could go.

He went back to the front desk and told my wife that they had to contact the occupants of that room to tell them security had gone in and turned the TVs off. When my wife looked up the room on her computer to see who was staying in that room she discovered it had not been rented for the night.

It is possible that housekeeping began cleaning the room and never went back to finish. Perhaps they left for lunch and forgot to go back to that room when lunch was over. Perhaps they began to clean that room and decided to go home for the day without finishing. Perhaps they quit their job or got fired halfway through and it was never finished. Even still, perhaps those TVs had been programmed to come on at a certain time by the last guests.



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