The Headless Patient

Within the last year or two (I can’t remember now how long it’s been) my wife’s cousin and aunt have both needed to stay at one of the local hospitals for a number of days. Both of them have many, many stories of the paranormal, and eventually I hope to get as many as possible to share here. For now, this is all I can really remember enough to write about.

The two live together along with my wife’s cousin’s son who is now seven. His name is Ayden.

Where they live now, he frequently sees a man in the kitchen and refuses to go in there when the man is there. He’s so scared of the man in the kitchen that when he goes to other peoples homes he won’t go into their kitchens alone.

His mom went to the hospital for a few days and after she had been home a couple days she caught Ayden taking down a picture, in a frame, from the wall and hiding it behind a chair. When asked why he was doing that he said the man she brought home from the hospital keeps spinning it and it’s upsetting him. To this day they still won’t hang the picture up again. The picture is of Ayden.

Also, right around the time she came home from the hospital her mom went for a few days. While there, she says, one day she had just eaten lunch and was laying in her hospital bed. When she goes to the hospital, if it’s going to be for an extended amount of time, she always requests a private room, and she always leaves her door shut.

So she’s laying in her bed and she closes her eyes. She claims she wasn’t asleep and she wasn’t on any medication that might cause hallucinations. She never heard the door to her room open. She opened her eyes and saw a man standing at the foot of her bed. And he was headless.

She told me she wasn’t sure if she only opened her eyes enough to see his body and she quickly shut her eyes again, or if he actually had no head, but she decided she wasn’t going to deal with it, so she turned over on her side with her eyes still closed. Once on her side she felt as if he were still there, so she opened her eyes and his face was just a couple of inches away from hers.

She jumped up out of bed and left her room. She said she walked around the hospital hallways for a little while to calm down. The next morning when the doctor came she told him she was leaving and she was never going back to that hospital. And she left. And she hasn’t been back.

I asked her if she knew him and she said she didn’t recognize him, but feels as if he had died in that room. She didn’t catch what wardrobe he had on, or if his head was attached when he was looking at her face to face.


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