Grandma’s House Pt. 3

Aside from things going missing around here, nothing has really happened in a while. My mom asked me the other day about certain noises, but it’s nothing really freaky. Just noises. It’s an old house, after all.

Well, tonight when I got home from work my wife told me how she was sleeping and then at 11 PM on the dot she was awakened by a knocking. She said the dogs didn’t bark, but she was sleeping very well and dreaming when all of a sudden she had this thought that she had to wake up immediately. And then there was a knocking, and she said it came from the door that goes to the concrete steps and down to the basement.

Did she dream the knocks? I asked if she heard them after she woke up and she said no. Whether or not she only dreamt them, it wouldn’t surprise me if there actually were knocks. Then again, with how my dogs don’t need a reason to bark and will just because they’re awake, and the fact that they didn’t, I doubt there was a knocking. BUT, if they knew it was something paranormal, which of course animals can sense that, then maybe they didn’t want to get in the middle of all that. Who knows?

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