Missing Things?

Shortly after my wife and I moved back into my Grandmother’s house in 2008 I started noticing things going missing. Mostly my DVDs. I had a nice collection of them back then and every now and then I’d get the desire to watch one that I hadn’t seen in a while. I’d go look for it and wouldn’t be able to find it. I kept them all on one rack, so there was no reason for it to be missing. I hadn’t lent it out to anybody and we never have company, so nobody was here that would have taken it without asking. I was at a loss, especially since more and more kept disappearing. I know of at least half a dozen or more that have gone missing like that, maybe more that I never thought of to check on.

Recently my mom moved in with us and is now in the front of the house, which is where we were when the DVDs started disappearing. My mom just passed a note along to us asking if we had ever had anything go missing, because she’s having stuff go missing now “right out from under her nose.” Here’s part of her email to me.

I’ve had 3 pair of black socks go AWOL! I have looked everywhere! I even used a flash light & mirror to check out the laundry chute! But last night I had one of those 3M plastic hangers lying on the kit. counter, both pieces, front & back, I was making a salad, I bumped it with the salad bag to the point of making it move & make noise like plastic does, & now the back piece is missing!! Just gone! I’ve looked in the trash, I’ve moved everything on the counter, I swept the floor, I’ve looked in the drawers! That is too freaking weird!

She went on to mention how when we lived in the trailer back when I was really young she lost a card holder. My parents used to have people over all the time for a night of card playing and apparently someone dropped a round card holder they all used and it rolled behind the fridge and they never found it. Apparently this kind of thing just haunts my family in general.

My wife suggested maybe we have a hidden room in the house and someone is living there. A few stories like that have popped up lately online, so that’s what gave her the idea. While I don’t think we have that happening here, as I know the house front to back and doubt in the 30s my Grandfather would have built a hidden room here that only a stranger would know of, it sure is strange how things keep turning up missing. I’ve never found my DVDs, so where they went off to I’ll probably never know.

Oh, and a day later my mom sent me a note saying she found that plastic piece. In the fridge.

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