Reader Submission

I sent a shout out to my friends on Facebook to see if anybody had any stories they’d like to share with me. Here’s one I just got from TS who lives very close to me. She posted on Facebook how something strange had just happened to her in her house and I asked her to give me the details.

It’s mostly noises. Most of the time my dogs don’t react. My tv and satellite box turned on once. I’ve heard/felt a bang on the floor under my living room. I checked to see if there were pipes or venting in that area and it’s clear. Had a strange oil/liquid dripping from a beam in my basement but couldn’t find a source. Knocking on an outside wall of my bedroom that sounds like it’s on wood but my house is brick. Growling in other parts of my house while my dogs were laying next to me. Friday I heard a tennis ball bounce on the floor a few feet from me, but no ball and my dogs were sleeping. Saturday night after letting my dogs in, they were eating about 12 feet away from me and i was on my phone and seen something white thrown on my area rug two feet from me. When i looked for it, it was a small ice ball. Wednesday I was sitting on my couch reading and heard and felt the back cushion get tapped. Then tonight with the sound of my utensils in the drain board being moved. That’s just what’s happened here. I’ve had other things happen in a few other houses.

Thanks TS! “Sounds” creepy! Ok, I’ll stop. Noises are the easiest thing for skeptics to pass off as having a legit source and being not ghostly. But as I know first hand, sometimes unexplained noises have no legit source and the only thing you can really consider IS paranormal. After all, that’s what paranormal means… I’d like to say that if your dogs aren’t really reacting then maybe something isn’t there, because animals are so keen to the paranormal. However, that doesn’t mean maybe, just maybe your creepy crawlies haven’t found a way to steer clear of your dogs radar. One thing I’ve heard over and over (and experienced once) is that in some cases, spirits will communicate or make some sort of other contact with one person in a room when there are others who don’t hear or experience the same thing. Where one person will hear their name called from the other room audibly in an otherwise quiet house, yet nobody else would hear it. Or maybe they’ll be seen through an open door passing by in the hallway by one person in a room full of people. So if they can do that with humans, I would like to think that maybe they can go unnoticed by certain pets as well.

Thanks again TS and maybe one day I’ll stop by and have a visit to see just what’s going on!


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