A Tale From Mom

Since I’ve been talking ghosts lately I have renewed my love for telling ghost stories. Especially if they have some merit to them and are, as far as I know, true. I asked my mom if she had experienced anything ghostly that I might not know about. She told me about this.

When she was dating her first boyfriend back when she was 16, she would spend a lot of time at his house with him. She said his house was a ranch style with a basement and the basement was used for storage, although there was a bedroom in it. She said one thing that happened a lot was when her and her boyfriend would be in the living room together watching TV or hanging out, they would hear footsteps coming up the basement steps. Then they would hear the click of the light being turned on, then footsteps back down the stairs. They would go to check and the light would be on. But nobody would be in the basement.

When his sister moved back home with her kids, my mom would often babysit for her. Sometimes she would be in the house alone with the babies. When it would get to be dark out, she would take them into her boyfriends mothers bedroom and shut and lock the door because she was scared of the house. She said the handle to the door would shake as if someone were trying to get in. She would call out to her boyfriend (who wasn’t there) and would get no response.

One time the boyfriends mother was in the basement going through a chest and she found some pictures. She noticed on one that someone was missing. She knew the picture well, yet a person who was typically in the picture was suddenly not anymore. Kind of like Back To The Future, eh?

Lastly, what my mom says was the creepiest thing to happen in the house. A bad storm was coming. She said in the kitchen there was a door way and there were two steps down out of the kitchen to a landing. Straight ahead was a door and screen door that went outside and to the right was a set of steps going to the basement. She said she was in the kitchen when suddenly the wind (presumably) blew open both of the doors and she saw something, she has no idea what, dart from the door and down the steps into the basement. Thinking it might have been a cat or a dog, they all went to the basement to look. She said they tore the basement up looking for an animal or something that shouldn’t be down there, but never found a thing.


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