Mystery Files: The House on Highway 33

Years ago I started a ghost hunting group with a friend of mine, Thea, and we hung around for a few years before finally disbanding. We were doing our thing just before the hit show Ghost Hunters was first aired, and we still do, just not together. We live too far away.

While we had our group we had a website and we tried to put interesting stuff on it. One of our (very small) features was called “Mystery Files.” We were given, by a very credible source, official documents about strange and mysterious stuff. Kind of like the X-Files. Due to security reasons we weren’t allowed to give out our sources name or where the files actually come from, but they were actual official forms, filled out by official people, documenting craziness.

I recently looked up our old website via the Wayback Machine and found those old files. Here is one of them.

Mystery Files: The House on Highway 33

For many years on Highway 33 in Boyle County a lovely old home stood for as far back as anyone can remember. The house was built originally in 1901 and burnt in 1906 and was rebuilt with additions and completed in 1908. The home itself was a beautiful old farmhouse.

In the spring of 2001 this house burnt again to the ground. Now this home sits a good way back from the road, but you still have a good view of it from there. People had always stated that they had seen/heard strange things from that area. Here is what we found while interviewing the local Sherrifs Office.

March 2001 A report of a woman lurking around the home, in old fashioned dress. This was called in by 6 different people from their cell phones. Upon investigation no one was found on the property and there was no evidence of anyone being there for quite a while.

March 2001 Reports of a “smoke” smell coming from the home. Several people called in to say that they smelled smoke and feared something was on fire.

March 2001 Reports of a woman seen on the property in period dress kneeling as if weeping in front of the home. Upon investigation no one was there.

April 2001 More reports of a smoke smell coming from the area of the home. Fire fighters and police were dispatched and they did a thorough investigation of the home and found nothing that could be construed as a fire hazard. No smoke smell was present and no where was there any signs that anything in or around the home had been on fire.

Late April 2001 the house burns to the ground during the night. Several people called in from cell phones to report the fire and also to report a woman in a long dress and bonnet seen wandering in the yard, close to the road crying. Upon investigation for the woman she was not found.

General upkeep was done to the property after the fire.

Sept 2001, reports of a house fire on Highway 33 from a passerby on his cell phone, at the same location of where the house had been before it burnt. Also, another report of a woman wandering near the road wearing a long skirt and a bonnet.

These same reports occur regularly and without variation. The police department gets at least one call a month of the house on fire, and then shortly there after of a woman in a bonnet seen to be wandering near where the house once stood crying.

What’s going on here? Is this woman in period dress an old resident who burned alive in one of the early fires? Or is she just a neighbor to the original owners who didn’t make it in time to save her friends?


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